Sunday, April 5, 2009

1 more week to 2nd stage

Inter stellar system
Beyond the black hole

Time to reveal one of my personal project for the coming grad show. This project is name as 'Beyond our reach beyond our imagination'

The objective of the project is have viewer to visualize how beautiful outer space could be and how complex the star system are. The universal is vast and there no ending of exploration to another edge of the universe. Take a flight into the far end of the universe. Eternally till the end.

I happen to lost the working file for the 1st one. Will need to redo again. T_T||

Today was supposed to have Model shooting with Miss laydee and her friend. However was pretty surprise to realize that the model isnt in singapore and she thought I am living in Philippines. However will get a chance to work together when she is coming to singapore. XD

The exhibition seen to have finalized and most likely we will be using the lcd screen to show our work. Animation and any motion graphic cannot be played because I heard it only play in jpeg format. Thus will be scrapping away another project which had been plan last year. I`m also having problem with inserting sound as well as lacking one important software which is After effect. 

If you ask me what I am focusing on, I am focusing more on my grad show rather than my FYP.

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