Thursday, April 23, 2009

Artist and designer.

Being an Art student and also studying in designing course. I realize the similar factors between artist and designer are creative , innovative and knowledge. They still work under the name of ART.

An artist work accordingly to self perspective view of point. They work toward their concept and visually is very unique. Not everyone is able to appreciate the artwork due to it complex element. However many organization want to bring an artist into development project and to help them envision. 

An designer do the same thing as artist but in a more commercial way. They have to listen to what the client one and work closely with them. The element of art is gain attention from the target audience to make their art successful. A designer need to research before starting sketching out their idea and present it to the client. Adjustment are done over and over again till approval are given. They may have to work as a team. They also have to rush deadline.

Designer are separated into  2 main category; Advertising and Graphic

However there are many different kind of designer that specialize in their own field. There are Game designer, Flash designer, Web designer, Interior designer, Jewelry designer, graphic designe, 3D computer etc.

To be a good designer, we must accept all critique given. We want to know how good can we go not how good we are. We must seek inspiration as often as possible. Deviantart is a good source of information. Books are also very good although you may get frustration to spend too much time on finding information.

Creative line;
Creative director , Art director, copywriter, Photography director, photographer, Art buyer, visual artist, concept Artist, Architecture.

If you are a designer and was wondering how to improve your portfolio. Do some marketing research that demand your design style. Send mail over to the company and request for interview. I would suggest to as internship to learn how the company system work and also guidance from senior. Experience is important when it come into creative line. Dont be afraid of trying out new thing. Exposure is very important and so is your attitude. 

I`m just writing a short and simple essay about it. I hope such information do help abit

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