Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy birthday Mom

A simple lunch cooked by my brother and his gf. Mee suay , dumplings and fried eggs. Delicious!
My parent x)
My bro and his gf
My Mom to take a photo with the parrot and my Dad.
Pandan cake!
On the left still got 2 more different parrot in the cage. Next time will show you all. =D

My parent went through countless of obstacles together. Their insight view toward love was very successful and had passed on to me and my brother. It is unexplainable but we know what we should and shouldnt do. I just feel so happy for my parent to able to love each other deeply as before. 

My dad bought pet to accompany my mum. Firstly was the luo han fish which was damn fierce and kill my small mouse fish within one day I put in the tank. We get to keep 2 before setting it free.After that, we get to keep a guinea pig first which passed away due to my ignorance care -_-||. A siberian golden brown hamster which was given away and 
then russian dwarf hamsters which was also given away in the end because they breed too fast! Finally was roborovski hamsters which also give birth like a pig. We given all away in the end.

Dad started to keep different kind of birds, I like kukubird because in the morning the bird will go kuku kuku in a very cute way. Few months, Dad started to keep parrots. now we got 2 kukubird and 3 parrots. 1 big and wild, a medium size and love to walk around one and I love the 3rd one because it is small and so cute whenever you see it keeping quiet. 

Mom now started to talk to the parrot to teach them speak something. I know it wont be easy but I know Mom wont feel lonely at home whenever dad goes out. I`m wont be at home till weekend and so is my brother who is serving his NS. Being a housewife is a very tiring job, my Mom was a great woman who can do alot of things. She cook many different dish and also make ice-cream and many different flavor of cake. 

Happy birthday Mom, I hope you really enjoy the birthday celebration. Now I know grandma nagging is worst than you. lolx =X

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