Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Imeem only now play 30 seconds of music

I believe many users are using imeem in their blog, xanga, wordpress, live journal and etc etc. 

Imeem have come up with a new restriction. Let have a look

The FAQ states, "When you find a song on imeem that is a 30-second preview, it means that the artist or record label that has registered the song in our database has not approved full-length streaming for our users. Consistent with copyright fair use principles, the song will be streamed to you as a 30-second preview."

I assume that the tags, artist, album, and song info you enter when uploading a full-length song is matched with the info in Imeem's database. In simple terms, it means if the song you're uploading matches the info Imeem has, and Imeem's info says, "Only play 30 seconds of this song because the artist or record label has this song set to play only a 30 second clip," then your upload will just play 30 seconds when it's viewed/embedded on a site other than Imeem, such as MySpace or Facebook

It will be a torture for all those non-english song fans. Imeem have a huge data bank of song but unfortunately it does not apply for non- english song. The best example is chinese, Japanese and malay song. I have quite a number of anime song which now run only on 30 second preview. 

Imeem is using a  filtering software, SNOCAP, runs each track through a "fingerprinting" process and assigns an ID to it. Then imeem checks each song to see if it matches a registered song in our system. This allows imeem to determine the correct owner of the song and give the appropriate streaming permission. If you see 2 of the same song but 1 is streaming at full and the other is only a 30-second preview, it could be possible there is a slight variation in the 2 songs. Therefore their system may identify the 2 songs as different files. 

I will be finding other website that allow the same feature like imeem embedding song. =)


  1. So thats the reason... I've switched to myflashfetish.

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  3. you can see http://music.kajeab.com

  4. i guess there is nothing guys like us can do to play the full lenth of the song! Is it possible to get rid of the EMBED in html?

  5. now i kant play shit ima switch to sum other music paqe