Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project model : Jojo lai II & Crystal

Behind the scene. I`m the one wearing orange polo T-shirt. Was asking Peter can use his shade anot. =P

Some of my works. ( Printscreen )=)

t Model : Crystal

Model : Jojo

Client: Vogueindulge
Studio Owner : Peter

My apology for not updating due to my 2nd stage assessment this coming thursday and also preparing materials for this studio shooting.

Special thank to Peter to help set up the studio lighting and teaching me some basic of the lighting. I just forgotten almost everything about studio shooting. It was nice knowing Crystal and also working with Jojo again.

Crystal is working currently as a freelancer in model industry and is a very humorous girl sharing her joke. I like the part when she tell us that Fann wong remember her as a very quiet girl sitting in one corner during chinese new year when actually she was a very noisy girl. =S

Jojo is now a finalist in FHM. To support her, visit link

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