Thursday, April 16, 2009

What can I say about my 2nd stage assessment for FYP

Finally get to update and this entry is going to be pretty long with the main content about my assessment and of course some la just complain la hor.

The school call it the FINAL YEAR PROJECT and the students call it FUCK YOUR PROJECT.
I was trying finish up reading the 2 books I borrowed from the library but of course I didnt. Everyone was sharing how their consultation with the lecturers. Constructive comments were given and some just went ~_~||

I was X_x!?! because the item I spend the most time in was being advice to change. Changing the visual would mean changing the whole poster. I was grinning right on spot and think I`m crazy. Expect the unexpected and I was very surprise that I make a few error only. Ok Kaizhi!!! 11 MAY is the last day!! Gogogogo


Went to kill zombies in the lan shop with a few of my classmates. I spend my remaining energy spamming my bullets into the zombies body. Bang bang ttatatatat~! And so after 2 hours of trying to save the world, everyone was send back to the reality. Oh dear, no zombies here.... =/

I wouldnt say this thing is impossible because the disease look similar to rabbies but of course it far from reality. Imagine terriost scientist create this kind of virus and had it mixed with mineral water!! ROARR!!! Zombie Mineral water!!! While stock last!!

Recently I bypass a person blog, I understand she like to go clubbing and was very impress by how she related the people around and the kind of people that she hate. I hate people who like to talk bad about other to make themselves better.

I hate bastard who doesnt encourage reconile this kind of stuff.
I hate people who dislike me but still want to ask help from me.
Call me Mr Miser if you want.

Come on~ low life! If a person who doesnt have anything to benefit from, it doesnt mean the end of the friendship. Oh well, what can I say? This kind of people is wasting other people time.

I dislike people who like to anyhow give attitude. This kind of people is born as some kind of noble who doesnt learn the basic manner. The moment that person, you will be pissed off because you are wondering why this person reach a mature age but the brain seen to fill with coconut milk.

Imagine asking a person politely and that person just say what in an irritating mono tone? My goodness! Did someone close to you die? o_0

For people who like to play around in relationship just because they think they got the energy and fun. What do you take the other party as?

Play somemore, never mind continue. Play until you happy, play until you regret.

This is the 2nd time in my life to see someone can actually dumping their partner without knowing how great the other party spend their effort and love in.

Ask yourself this question, what have your partner done for you?

Buy alot of expensive gift or a simple hand make gift?

You choose because it your life not mine.

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