Monday, April 27, 2009

What I want to achieve before going in NS

The things I aim to achieve before going into NS.

1- 10 different couple outdoor shooting ( Currently have 2 registered ) =D
2- Attend as many wedding as possible as a 2nd wedding photographer to gain more exposure under photojournalism.
3- Creating a whole new sensation into fashion and portrait photography under collaboration with the blog shops.

1; The Objective of the couple outdoor shooting is a training up process toward pre-wedding photography. The project itself will try to show case the love between the couple. The visual itself varies accordingly to what the client need. There will be a consultation to find out what the clients want in the project and follow by the terms & condition. 

- It will be done free ( Including photo retouching ) ( Burn in CD or by Mail )
(Photo will be printed for No extra charge at 4R if being requested) ( Receipt will be given for money exchange )
- Clients must sign the letter of Agreement/ Model release form
- Will be happy if tips are given =)

- Have to provide transport
 ( 2 photographer, 2 umbrella and 1 power box ) or ( 1 photographer only ) 
( Will recommend accordingly to what the visual direction need upon agreement )
- Must be willing to fork up the time. Due to the nature of the requested, some photograph timing require clients to be at the destination as early as 5am and can be as late as even 2am.

2. The objective of this training is to travel deeper into the creative field of photography. Wedding photography is an uncontrolled event that create a deep mystery of challenge. I wanted to create a story that tell the tale of how a wedding work to the clients and my viewers. It been my wish and my passion to carry out this duty of story telling photography. 

So how can you help me? Please send me an E-mail. 

Please provide information such as:
Date of your wedding / Engagement 
Location: Bride/ Groom house & the banquet/ buffet
Who is the main photographer? Please give me the website link.

-Payment: $150 Cash ( To cover transport fee and other ) ( $60 Deposit )
-Photo Montage: Free ( Client must give me 2weeks before actual day wedding )
There will be touch up on the photos selected and music can be request. Max 3 adjustment
-Free photo touch up ( Apply to color/ tone / sharpness only*)( Other request will be charge accordingly ) ( Burn in CD or by Mail )
-(Photo will be printed for No extra charge at 4R if being requested) ( Receipt will be given for money exchange )

Sign Letter of Agreement/ Model release Form

3- The project is currently under progress as Project Model. It was a pleasant beginning and was very happy to work with current clients. Interested members can still E-mail me regarding Project model.

I will be able to start on the 7th of June and only in Singapore. 
You can visit my portfolio ( Link ) for project Model
I will be uploading wedding photos I have taken asap.
My E-mail is 

I have no idea when my NS is coming but I do know it is going to be later than October. Hope I can achieve what I set. Will be glad for any reference. x)

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