Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will I ever?

=-The bunny along the river-=

luxury and rich with love,
across the layer of grass,
down the glittering river,
shine out my dream

It was 5pm plus when I was alone in the classroom. Tapping along the rhythm of the music, there in my brain appear my doubt. Listening to all the love songs and how sweet love could be, I was down here in reality facing the cold and uncomfortable sense of love.

Spending a few minutes recalling the past, my heart just ache and I know the repeated answer of my doubt. Unable to express out in words, a simple illustration will do.

As one of the bunny. I could only admire her from a distance and anymore step mean death in the bottom of the river bank. In this pinkish world of mine where passion flies it doesnt show any single in the reality.

Everyday she will go to the river and drink alone. I will hide among the thick layers of grass under the tree watching her like a stalker. If I miss for that day , then I will have to wait for tomorrow. There no stepping stone, nothing I could do to reach the other side of the forest.

With nothing except my heart. One will wonder how could one protect their love with emptiness.

Will I ever get my courage to swim to swim across?
Will I ever?

A guy who never had the courage will continue to face failure till his blood turn cold.

I`m feel speechless and I have no idea how to tackle her. How to relay my true self to her? There many complicated things I know I wont be able to understand.

Instead of crying my heart out for her, turn sadness into strength and accomplish my dream and my goals to repay my parent who spend their effort on upbringing me. Truly sad but nothing will change the fact that I really like her all this while.

Take a deep breath and continue to work harder x)

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