Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd Day of Grad show and the happiest thing I had done!!

How is the exhibition like. Digital frame instead of Panel as the school is supporting Digital
My screen*
Finally a chance to take with the flower
Marcusk and Edward. We had spend more than a year together ohotoshooting many other things. Their guidance is invaluable to me during that period of time. XD
Guo wei, Mrs Ong, Nakia and Shi xin. ( Not in pic Camilia ) The teckwhyean!! Thank you Mrs Ong once again, it was great to see u again!
A short conversation with Sky and Jack. Sky was giving critque about my photography and advice about the market.
Skyimage, Me and Jack from. The first zone in clubsnap I join was west shooterz. It was so fun to have them around!!! XD
Secondary school friend! Ping siong the graphic consultant & his gf, Yuan man, Chen boon, Javin and Jasper. Thx for the support. =D

So what the happiest thing have I done? Went to get a bonquet of flower and giving it to someone I like is indeed the happiest thing I had ever done. Went to florist and question about what kind of flower is good within the budget. =P

Had a good chat with the florist before going back home and get ready to go to school. Pray here and there just to ensure the letter I wrote and the flower will definitely reach her hand personally.

So while I approach her with the flower in my hand, my heart was like accelerating. Both my hand tremble along with the beat and my mind seen to be going white. Yet I manage to say out what I want and also giving her the best simile I try to. I walk off straight away to cool myself down.

I`m happy because I confessed and able to do what I want to do. To me, failure or success of her accepting me no longer mean anything because I had done it with my heart. There is a sense of achievement. Wishing her happiness is one of my wishes. For all those I love and care, I alway pray for their happiness. Wo shi zheng xin de!!

I feel so so happy!! Can you feel how I FEEL!!! =D

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