Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grad show exbihition

Me and Faird!! He is one of my schoolmate who really brighten my life. I enjoy my last semester knowing him and being a good friend with him. Good luck bro
Rusell, me and Nk Tan. They are the lecturers. wink*
John and me. One of the lecturers I respect the most =)
Me and Chantel. Spray spray!~ Very talkative gal. Lolx, alway entertain the class.
Me and Constance, Good friend and more or less buddy~! Spend alot of time together in classroom doing FYP!!! Honey sago soon dude~! =)
Miss Ong bought flower for Guo wei grad show which was so cool. Me , Nakia and guo wei. =)
I got one too from Miss Ong. I LOVE YOU MISS ONG!! You are so sweet and the kindest teacher I ever had!!! Hurray!! Miss Ong was my secondary school form teacher and she is a very trusted teacher. From time to time, I will alway contact with her and ask for guidance. One of my Mentor in my life XD
So lovely~~!!!!!
Nuffnang staff on visit! Raine , Clara sister, Hana the joker, Eugene bro and Cherie the english teacher.

They came on the opening ceremony. It was so fun to see them again. XD

Location of school:
Time: Thursday and Friday 10am-7pm
Sat 10am- 5pm

Visit Nafa and view my work if interested!!

Sorry for late entry for this, I happen to be busy working my catalog few days again. It was so fun!!


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  1. Its was so nice to see familiar NAFA-rian on nuffnang.

    Congrats on your graduation show!