Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last day of Grad show

Sha friend, Sha, me. Sha was a very supportive friend and you definitely trust her when it come to personal. =)
sha, me, sha friend. Know her but duno her name. =X
Cckue the Tv producer, one of the photographer in the west shooter that I`m closed with. Alway shared his photography and his working experience. Totally awesome when listening to his oversea trip. 
Was being treated pizza!! So sweet! We had a very long conversation that last about 2hours discussing about our future plan in career and business prospect. Bon voyage my friend! 
Adi birthday! Adi was my ex-classmate for few semester. It was a surprise for her! Bleahx*
Hendy & me. Hendy is working in high speed camera business. A big brother to me who teach me and guide me about perspective of life. Knowing him was indeed of my fortunate event. =)
Jessica , me. Wasnt really close to her but a very sweet and helpful gal. The funniest thing is the part when she just go hahaha randomly. Good luck for your job!    x)
Me and Zai ge! He very zai one, very steady one. Nice and soft guy, good pick for gal but unfortunately booked by Constance. Oopx... 
Jin yee & me. The gal who change me and make me think. I consider myself a step into success and she is the key who give me success. A very valuable person to me. She is going to study Degree. Jia u!! =)  Thx for everything, let work hard together for our own success and happiness. I will miss u. =)

  The Grad show finally ended and there wont be anymore school. There will be people I will miss and people I can finally dont see. Oopx, just kidding. Graduated from this school happily. 

  I had been waiting for so long for this day for her. I cannot say anything further because we know what we need to do first. It will take plenty of years and things will change in between. If I am lucky, I will still go for her even after years. There are just something too irresistible  for me to drop. However if only I am that lucky first. 

  Own Constance Mango sago because Hendy is celebrating my Grad show when the show end. My parent didnt attend the show so are some teachers, 1 Mentor and 2 director who are busy even in weekend!! @_@|....My grad show exhibition objective is how much I have done and how can I progress further in creative line. Beside critique and advertising myself, it is very important to gain their trust toward me. 

  Hendy bought a new evo and drive me to Turf city for dinner. It was a meaningful celebration, while celebrating he give me his view about my work and me. Treating me as his brother, he share his experience and the importance of career first. We went back home after the dinner since it rain, was supposed to go to labrador park to source for the next ECP shooting location. =(

  I am a happy man because of the people I had known. There are many who couldnt make it but thank you very much for supporting me. 

  So end the Nafa Grad show 2009!! 

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  1. hehe yes mango sago!!don't worry!there sure is chance:))

    AND WHAT UNFORTUNATELY ON JAI BOOKED BY ME AR!!hahahaha!he very xing fu la;D hahahaha!And finally a photo with Jin yee ar:D nice:)