Sunday, May 17, 2009

Short break over

Before I start, I would like to express my thank to a couple who spend hours sharing me their personal unbelievable love story. What make them very special to me is the situation problem the guy face and it just seen I am also like the guy.

Was chatting with SF about DC and it wasnt long before DC was being added in and that how I get to know DC on that night. Amazing story and of course unbelievable fairy tale in the modern day just make me very excited to know more about them.

Both of them give alot of advices and tips about how to change a girl impression and what you shouldnt do. I`m a green horn in this area, frankly speaking. The conversation ended after near 3 hours of chatting. Superb fantastic!

I wish I could have half the calibre of DC. I just couldnt believe how a simple love letter can change the their world when in the beginning their world was a distance away. Looking back at mine, I wonder the distance of my world and her* world.

DC take 2 days to write while I`m still thinking hard how to combine the apology and confession together within 100words summary. Dear me....

I had create a simple illustration just for the both of them. Hope they will like it!

Didnt update for several days!
My FYP assessment was over on Wednesday and after that I switch into Holiday Mode. With plenty of dota and also get a chance to dominate the world with my classmate for the whole day!!!

I spend my friday night celebrating my buddy birthday JL and having tea with Wei cong. Then Manjhong at Junjie house overnight and the following day went swimming with Peng yu and chee hau before joining Huat they all. Went to Desmond house straight after the swim and buy KFC at the new shopping mall beside Yee Tee MRT and ton again playing Manjhong.

Just reach back home! Time to prepare my portfolio the moment I return to my grandma house.

Was discussing about my birthday BBQ. My mind just went blank when I saw my saving left $36. Goodness!! I haven even book the pit yet!!! What am I going to do?? Inviting all my close friends and family* and taking photo together with them was one of my wish before I go in NS.

Was grinning away when I just realize everyone is chipping in for the bbq. Is like everyone is paying for my birthday BBQ party. =D

Very grateful* XD

I better go book the BBQ for slot

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