Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Street Dance

The Dance is on

Got a chance to work along with a group of Hip Hop dancer through Valerie reference. It was really cool to do street shot. Street shot was very simple but rather in fact could be also boring too. So I went to check in internet for plenty of reference which hopefully can let me get the best visual for them. I was figuring out a good location for street dance when I happen to glance through my friend photograph for inspiration.

So during last sat morning 8am, everyone gather at raffles place Mrt station before going to the spot. I`m wasnt really good in speaking but it was really a nice experience with talking to them and learning more about hip hop. How hip hop actually make you young in heart!!

Didnt get a chance to chat with Valerie for several days because I want to tell her on msn that I love to work with her friends again!!!

I couldnt give out the client address because I lost the website. Will update soon. So in the meanwhile, enjoy the photo.

They are opening a workshop soon. Yup yup =D

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  1. wah! nice leh...really.

    going for a photoshoot this sunday..........


    i hope the photographer does a miracle X_X

    btw, linked!


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