Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2012 is the end of the world?

I happen to by pass this video and it look interesting. Abit confusing but already halfway believe it to be true. Couldnt really dare to think what will happen on 21 december 2012.

I did read about Maya due to it popularity prophecies that became true. The Maya calendar did stop at 2012 but I presume they were being wiped out before they continue their writing by the spanish.

However the stories about Ching , Merlin and Moher shipton. I didnt really know about them. Still their similar prophecies about the end of world seen to make me shiver.

4 different culture yet same prophecies and each of them successfully predict the future.

If half of the world population is being wiped out, there will be much more dead with epidemic, starvation, drought, flood and much more.

Production will stop and soon or later people will be fighting over food and water. Hugging each other during the night praying to see the sunrise again. Chaos spreading across the whole world and different tribe of people standing up to lead mankind for survivor. No electricity and which mean many machine and vehicle will be useless.

A shift in polar magnetic field can cause the biggest tsunami ever before and I would really think Singapore will be the second Altantis despite protection from neighboring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Ships or Airplane wont escape the from the wind and sea wave.

It will be back to the ancient civilization. How many of us will survive? Even we did, the memory of losing our love one, family and friend etc will be carved deep in our heart.

Now is 2009 and seen like we have 3 more years to witness this so call end of the world prophecies.

Even it is true, live to our best and have a meaningful life to prove our existence and our love that is being delivered. As long there is tomorrow, there is alway hope.

Let just hope, it is a pure entertain for everyone. I dont want to die anyway. Well, in the first place, who is willing to die also? =D

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  1. I'm also hoping the prophecies are just coincidences and/or convenient nitpickings... I can't bear to know my own future, especially when it involves the doom of humanity...