Monday, June 22, 2009

The Alien Times: Sail of Love

Love was never a smooth sail,
wrecked with danger and excitement,

Fast as hurricane,
left everyone breathless,

Calm and quiet,
one just wonder,
what lie ahead,

Different sensation,
Different feeling,
Despair or joy,

Hold on tight,
the hand of your soul partner,
to the end of the world,

with undying love,
belief and faith,

Under the glowing mast,
that brighten your life.

I try abit of poem which I know it just sound weird than romantic to me. This inspiration was given by 4 girls who shared abit of their current situation.

I`m idealistic and I wont want to say my view because I still got a green horn on my forehead.
And that why I come with this illustration. If you get the message and like it. Help me spread it away. =)

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