Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another photo at ECP

Across the horizon
Kiss of the vibrant night
( The human figure is taken from here )

Look real? =D
Flyer, Casino etc etc
Light that light up the night

Just return from morning photoshoot. Couldnt get to sleep after finishing playing dota around 5am. Force myself to sleep by shutting my eye and getting rid of any thought but it didnt work. ' Hey, it will be good to watch sunrise again since I didnt went there ever since my FYP. ' This is what that come into my mind. A morning shower and off I go.

10 min of traveling and quickly finding a good spot to shoot sunrise. Well, the morning sun was pretty late to rise and while waiting. I just asked myself several questions and in the end, I just hack care and enjoy listening to the sea wave and the scenery.

The sky was cloudy and the sun rise with the clouds covering it. So I went straight for my prata near siglap center.

Everyday the sun rise no matter what happen, whether it can be a storm or any other. At the end of everything, the sun will be visible again. No matter what happen, there is alway hope. =)

Watched The curse of benjamin button and Yes Man yesterday taken from Mei yan Hard disk. It was inspiring and touching. Still can remember Boss Ming told me to watch Yes man.

Yes Ming!! Yes Boss!! =D

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