Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Love is in the air 
The Members

Ytd night had BBQ with some of my schoolmates, didnt take more photo because was busy helping out in starting the fire as well as cooking. 

The wind was pretty strong when we we try to light up the fire starter. And it goes on for nearly half an hour before the fire was successfully started. Some of the guys play Frisbee and Aaron was the first one to get wet because Joe throw the Frisbee into the sea. Everyone had a Omg facial expression. 

We play drinking game and cycling. Me, Gab and Alvin stayed to look after everyone belonging and was talking about our future planning. So the conversation goes plenty long while the cycling group had actually cycle to changi runway there with everyone butt aching. =D

Was drunk thx to louis rule in the drinking game and then play cards all the way till the morning. 

Took some photo during the sunrise but the weather wasnt that good. Rest for a while before making my way back home. Tiring~!

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