Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Musketeers photoshooting at Changi Area

An outing with Ahber and Hendy!!
I think this location is a good for pre wedding shoot
Specially edited, the original photo was very dull
Perfect for me

I know this photo the coloring is very fake. I add for the sake of my favorite. =)
Guess what is this!

Look good?

Changi Beach

Last sunday, the clubsnap ECP went out for a shooting at Changi Area. Our group consist only several members but it was fun and easily to organize due to the number.

Well known for eat more than shoot more, we also talk more than shoot more. A few outing, we just talk and didnt bother about shooting. This group is more toward relaxing and interactive. I`m the youngest core members in this group but definitely learn alot from other core members from their inspiring stories and their jokes. Oh no, I will really miss hanging out with them.

I give up on one issue after a short conversation with Hendy. If a girl is interested in you, no matter how busy she is. She will still spare abit of time. I`m not the kind that like to give up easily but I just adapt to the situation. Being told to get more value of myself is the most important part.

Ahber share some interesting stories while we walk along the beach during the evening. I couldnt describe it but it help me alot.

The photoshoot last more than 4 hours with more exploration and hitch than shooting. Hahaha.
Get to eat kok kok mee near Geylang. It was damn good seriously!! I didnt bring out my compact camera to shoot.

The owner was very friendly!! He share abit of his stories and why he took the pain to cook the soup for more than 6 hours rather than just put msg. He believe all customers should have a healthy eating livestyle and he want his food to be healthy and good. He look abit like Obama. =D

Ahhh!! Soo good!! And home again!

Hendy!! Hope you will like the songs I specially selected! Dont get emo by the song. XD


  1. OMG! i like the photo/lomography u taken! Nice effect came out from the camera! Keep it up! Well done, the best photo i see from you! xD