Sunday, June 7, 2009

My 22th birthday!! XD

The best of my year 2009!

Friends, buddy, bro and sis who cant make it for my BBQ,
Aik Sin - Spending his 2nd day in puala tekong! =D

Buddy- Hiutung, Constance & bf
Brother- Wei quan, Roy, Guo xiong, Jun hao & gf, Clara & bf, Dong yi ( Still hanged over ), Ping siong, Fawid
Friends- Guo wei, Sui how, Hui Qing & bf, Hana & bf, Jojo Lai, Anthony, Guo Bin, Xue yang
Clubsnap- Cckue, Myopia, Blomqvist

The gal who enchanted me: Jin yee

Forgot to invite - Qing zhou, Minghan =X
The same joke.... =O
2 different team of fire starters =)
Part of the logistic team for actual days =)
Still burning the charcoal!! >.<
Kai xiang make a joke that really make ._.||
2nd team fire starter trying to save the fire. =D
Pineapple fried rice!!

I help my mom to stir all the ingredient and cook abit. I`m interested to learn how to cook so mom decided to let me help her. =) 
Was very happy that the rice was finished pretty soon. x)
Yi jie bought me alcohol drink. 0_o||
Sarah & Hui ting
My 2 pretty Nu er!! =D

I thought I prepare enough water by buying 10 bottle of 1.5litres of mineral which prove me wrong. Next time I get 30bottle of it. =D
Me , My 8th brother & his gf.
Definitely priceless photo!
The invited bloggers. =)
A cake from my brother.
Was announcing to everyone their thank for coming and their patience. The charcoal took 2 hours to start burning!!! -__-||.....sweat!!

A wish
I never change my wish,

I live as a happy man now,
God bless me and the people around me,
please shine your light to the darkness edge,
of those who cloaked under the cold and starvation,
Forefeit all my birthday wish in my life,
to exchange for a better living for those,
those who dwell and need love,
May they live comfortable,
May they live happily,
till their very last.

I alway make this same wish over and over again ever since realizing in some part of the world, people are dying from starvation and cold. I dunno when did I make this wish, this wish had been going on for very long.
My family
Hp & Jia cheng
Yi jie & Wei jie
Jun jie, Chen ming & Chen boon
Jason ( 7th bro ), Me , Jereld ( 6th Bro )
Winnie, Jian Long, me , Andy , Violet
Part of my family!

Violet was my sister for 5years, it was really a joy to see her soulmate. Andy feel abit weird why is he invited but not for me. =)
Winnie & Jian long, Me

Thank for everything and being so helpful, I couldnt imagine how am I going to cope this BBQ without your help. Thx Bro!
The Y2K teckwhyean Batch!!

Not in Picture: Kelvin 
Chinghow, Wei Cong, Chee Hau, Xing wang, Peng yu
The inner circle of brotherhood

(7th)Jason, (4th)Chen Ming, Me, (3rd)Yuan man, (2nd)Kai yuan, (8th)Yu hang, 
Not in Picture ( (5th)Roy & (6th)Jereld )

Please dont laugh if you feel it is childish. I`m not trying to play some kind of big brother. During my secondary school life with them, we went through thick and thin together in many different ways. It is hard to explain but we know ourselves. =)

They are very important to me in my life, I cherish them as part of my life. Even everyone is busy, I wont forget them. I am proud to be their brother and it is one of my greatest pride to know them. I really hope this brotherhood will last forever. XD~ Banzai!!
Ching how, Sarah, Wei cong
Me & Hui ting
Wei jie & Huiting
Ray & his gf, me
Knew him through Dota, I know it is abit weird. However, he is someone I feel good talking to. Good luck for your coming NS!! 4 months of BTM!! XD
Karma Dota Team
Guo wei, Nicholas, Jia Cheng, Me, Si Han, Kok shen, Yi jie, Wei jie
Main Garena Dota Members!

With the Nuffnang bloggers!
Marinated Fish,

I really took effort in making it. =)
Wei jie & Jia cheng
The main fire cooker

He stand there for more than 2hours helping to cook. Thx alot brother!!! I hope you are reading my blog. =) I cant event tahan the heat.... >.<
The 3 Gift
Well, actually I sms everyone not to buy any present for me. I feel it is a waste of money. For me, birthday parties is to see the people you wanted to meet. Hoping that they are doing good and also learning fresh stuff from them. Their presence is a gift itself. I am happy
Brandy ( Look dangerous )
Clock or lamp?

Do you know in chinese custom, No one buy alarm clock as a present? Because in chinese, it sound as Song Zhong which meain Funeral in english. Was damn shock when I see this. I alway joke of buying alarm clock as present for other and I got it first. Omg!!!

People for helping out:
Sheng xiong shopping preparation,
Thank you to
Sheng huat, Desmond, Jasper, Yuan man, Jun jie, Jeffrey and cheng boon for helping to carry the stuff.

Marinate Food, 
Thank you to Jian long, Si han and Anthony

Frozen food preparation,
Thank you to Guo wei, Jia cheng, Jian long, Si han,

Fire starter team,
Team1 - Kelvin, Chee hau, Huan yeong, Peng yu, Wei cong
Team2- Kai xiang, Si han, Guo wei, Teow kim, Jia cheng

Pack up team,
Wei cong, Kelvin, Xing wang, Chinghow, Peng yu, Jian long, Chee hau

Offcial Photographer,
Hong peng

This BBQ cannot be organize without the support of everyone. My saving couldnt afford to hold any BBQ to cater to the number of people I invited. I like to thank you those who offer to help chip in for the BBQ. Lucky, I happen to have enough fund at the last minute. =)

I was glad to see all familiar faces once again and seeing almost everyone into fine man and pretty lady. Times pass so fast and there is so much thing to talk about but yet so short the time I could spare. There is never ending chat. The clock seen to tickle faster and everyone had to leave soon.

I hope everyone enjoy the food which me and Jian long really spend alot of effort in it. We are marinating at 12am plus till 2am plus before going back home at Si han house. I wanted to have a heart to heart sharing session with many of them but I need to attend to the food and drink.
Hopefully I wont be a poor host for them. =D

Who are they to me? As name mention in this blog or in the photo, every single one of them is close friend to me. You can reply on them definitely without fail as they alway try to do best to help me whenever I face problem. We share moment of at least 3 years together in school and this few years create a strong bond between us. 

I had to admit, I was facing a situation of being a victim from prank and it is so depressing that I feel like dying is the best solution. I never encounter this problem before because the people I used to mixe with are responsible lot and have the courage to admit and apologies. They know the basic courtesy and being with them just make me totally reply on friends. It is so different with my friends in NAFA. How disappointing...

I learnt to be independent when I go NAFA. After so much so trying to be Mr nice guy and ended up as Mr Stupid Fool, ' Let play a new prank on you today!' It`s actually shaken my belief toward life. Being totally new and unable to adapt to the changing environment, I just knock myself against the wall. 

I`m not trying to backstab my NAFA classmate or friends but I am really sad that one of them just paste the postit all over my digital photo frame and never have the courage to admit or apologies to me during my grad show exbihition. We are graduating this school soon, cant you respect yourself? 

Let go back to the topic. =)

Kok shen grow taller than me and turn much more handsome. Edmund know how to dress well. Huiting become very pretty. Jereld can just be bouncer!  Plenty of the guys are awesome!

Finally took photo with Yu hang and his gf. Get to had a long conversation. Not trying to be kapo but to understand more about his gf and her thinking. Meet Yu hang supervisor and get to have 1 more friend! =D

Didnt took photo with Da jie and Edmund! Noooooo!!

Thx to Hp once again for volunteering to be photographer.

I love my 22th birthday!! 

I am feeling abit empty because the gal I like didnt come to share part of my happiness. I cannot blame her after so much things just happen. This is me and the real me. I want you to know what kind of person I am. There is something I wanted to tell you personally. 

How many lives do you have to experience love as a game? 1 life for 1 game and a never ending path. 

Let me prove to you can? =)

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