Monday, June 15, 2009

Nuffnang Mob flash party

Group Photo
Set up

Photographer & Videographer

Nuffnang Members for the day
Ex nuffie & Nuffies!

Get the official Photos at !!

Last sat went for Event shooting at Orchard road. So get a chance to work with Nuffnang again. =)

I hope you are in the pictures that is being uploaded in the flickr by Nuffnang. =)

It was fun and kinda of rush but overall was quite alright for me although at the ending, the tape give way and I had abit of problem with the foam board.

What you see is samples of raw photos only!! Remember to go click on the link for!! =D


  1. Hi Kaizai! Great photos you've taken! I like them alot. See you around Teckwhye huh! Haha...

  2. wow,the turnout looks great!! sure looks like you guys had lotsa fun =D