Monday, June 29, 2009

Our life..

Where will you be standing in your own world?

I spend more than 12 hours sleeping yesterday and weird dreams combining together showing different scenario. Show me about how other culture people live and tragic fate that fall on people. It was vivid and wild, I couldnt recall the detail but remember vaguely. Different people different is so complex to describe everything with just words. At the end of the dream, the focus was about living, love, family, friendship, kindness and loyalty. I think so.... =D

Life is a maze and so is your very own world . As you can see from the picture that I created. You am in a middle of no where, even you can walk out of this maze. There will be another maze linked to that exit and it will continue so on and so forth.
As we stop to look where we are looking, we spend quite an considerable amount of time to decide our future.

Dead end appear and that sadden us. Some people stop right there and refuse to move forward. Some take a longer time and some overcome it easily. At the end of the day, you still have to get yourself together and continue to progress in this dark dark world. Nobody will be spoon feeding you or will be standing beside you all the time. You are you and you are on your own.

Life suck and that doesnt give you excuse to blame everything on god. In some where along the maze, there will be someone you will meet and that someone shall hold your hand and continue walking with you in this dark dark world. You will find strength from that person and thing will definitely be better.

We cannot be sure of our future and even thing goes bad. Be positive to yourself, tomorrow will be a better day and that the day you will cherish everything you had.

Personally, I think the picture just express what I feel now. But I ain`t giving up!

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