Saturday, June 27, 2009

Singing for this job!!

I happen to get this job through referal. It been a few weeks because there is a middle man who will represent the client about the job brief.

The job nature is about web design but this time round, programming is also needed. Flash banner and other small animation maybe needed.

Well, just these few requirement already tell me that if I can GET THIS JOB. I can buy a nikon 17-55mm which cost 2k plus and also clear my debt for my Nikon D80. Cool right?

And so, I just started singing to myself. OH God! I need this job!!! I really need this job!! Oh I really really do. Just like the song from tale of the lost land.

^^||......need progammer which I think. I`m ok with html but not java , CSS, PHP and XML!! -_-
I`m just a visual artist after all!!


Actually I still dunno how much is the pay. Ayiaaa....Daydream too much liao!!

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