Monday, June 1, 2009

TAT: Love Signal / Use Mixpod!

Love Signal 

Shivering deep down his heart,
illuminating orb gently float by,
lighting up everything around him,
A signal that relieve him,
far from reach,
still he will live as a happy man.

I know many of you are using imeem and faced the 30seconds music problem. STOP USING IMEEM!! USE MIXPOD!! Go here: ( Link )

Why Mixpod? Mixpod offer you plenty of music and can be embedded. All songs can be played fully unlike imeem. However to upload your own music is abit complicated than imeem. We are using free software and should appreciate mixpod effort. 

It is good to some music in your personal website. Not only sharing your favorite music but also music reveal your personality. Cheer

I found plenty of nice songs. Give a try. =)

I had specially selected 39 nice tracks in the current playlist. Couldnt find 'Always' by Altantic starr and even I found it. The quality wasnt good at all. Enjoy. 

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