Thursday, June 4, 2009

A wake~up call

Was struck with love craze disease ever since the last day of grad show. Which explain why I got alot of heart images.

After several sharing session with some buddy and even my 3rd bro Mum. I decided to focus on my career first.

No true love run on emptiness. It doesnt mean effort and scarifice mean worthless but is what more can I give to her. Since she is as happy as the way it is now, why not work for now and make her happier when chance drop by?

I couldnt say it is possible but it is also not impossible.

However in Singapore, in a high standard living country. Expenses was high and it was a problem for many people who are mid / low income holder to get a flat. The loan is just cut plenty share of your income per month and there are so many thing to pay the bill.

My parent are turning older each year. It really bring me the pain that they have to work hard for me and my brother education. My brother is going to NTU in another year time, degree course is a big matter and the cost is no joke. I wanted to help to pay his school fee but looking at the current progress of myself. I had to admit, this is going to be tough.

I wanted to earn big bucks in my career and send my parent to somewhere they want for holiday. It been too many years for them not to travel overseas together to enjoy life. I rather work hard and suffer more to let my parent enjoy.

I wont mind having a soulmate who is much more perfect than me but yet it could be a burden to her. Dont bother to ask what the burden refer to. You should know yourself.

To love is to try, so I need to try to expand my potential in my career.

My career is to be a professional photographer in Commercial , Wedding and journalism. Photography business in Singapore is very competitive and there is a large pool of human resources out there. My uncle told me I am good enough to start taking wedding event for other. However in my mind was another thing, anyone who could buy a DSLR and a standard flash will be enough to take.

What I am doing is not only just photography, I am learning graphic to intergrate with photography to create an artistic and realistic output that will be appealing to my target audience.

I am using low end equipment but I dont compare myself any poorer than any professional standard because of the word ' Quality ' The holiday before NS wasnt any easy feat to me because my eye had to face book about advertising and marketing. I am learning what my school didnt teach and sometime I really wonder should I go La salle instead of NAFA. I`m aint kidding.

3years for me to build my portfolio is consider excellent timing especially the global market now had a big drop in advertising and is recovering. Self development and self tutorial into creative line.

After NS, I may lose out abit. However, that is the time I will start to rise up against adversity and stand tall by my talent.

I really love someone but a heart alone is useless. I will think of traveling with my soulmate around the world in search of new romance location to rekindle the flame in us toward each other. No matter where or when, I just want to prove my love is undying in this life for her.
To love someone is wishing her happiness, I rather go away when I know I couldnt give happiness to her.

10 years of hardwork to reedem a life time of happiness. That how I feel.

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