Thursday, July 30, 2009

Changelog 30072009

After 2 week of self break, I decided to resume my blogging and also uploading works I had done. At this time, I am getting my own domain for business purpose.

Yiruma music was selected due to Jame recommendation. I got got quite a collection from him and it was really very smooth and relaxing.

What happening currently?
My application to be a PA wasnt successful and it gonna be tough moment before I go in NS which speaking of it. The enlistment letter haven come and I am kind of struggling in my self research. I decided to stop my boxing training since I`m running low on cash after overspend on my hard earn money. Was pretty shock that I count my invoice wrongly few nights ago. Stuffs and research notes for the business plan was really like from the scratch because I am doing contract form for employee instead of the system and infrastructure. My goodness!!! I`m not in flavor with partnership but at the end of the everything, there must be someone who can look at my back.

Revealing my dream....
I had a dream and this is the dream I wont give up.

I will be an international professional photographer as well as visual artist. I believe my photography will create a story of it and sending message to the world that there are something we should not forget.

I will dream of starting out in states and spending years taking photos and design there. 5 years, 8 years and even 12 years it will cost me to build my reputation. I will be paid to visualize and capturing the light sparkled by the object regardless of where and when. A life time of collection work I will create that will inspire the next generation of photographers.

This dream shall come will definitely be...

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