Friday, July 10, 2009

Something that I want to share~!

I`m not sure will it be long but I guess sharing afew personal experience will be good.

- I went to learn boxing with my friend Indran after being motivated to lose weight and shape up myself. I hate to run and my body is now cramping all over. Just finished my second training but oh yea; it cool man!!

- I keep forgetting to tell Boss Ming that I watched Yes Man. Oh yea!!! It is really one good piece of inspiring movie for guys!! So go watch it if you haven do so. Trust me, you wont find any better boss like him so strict yet so kind to staff.

- I am glad to be alumni for Nuffnang and it seen my dear Eugene will be joining me tomorrow!!

- I lost my IC after applying debit card. I couldnt recall where I put it and I went on an empty trip to ICA to get approval to go JB for one day. It a joke and a bad one because I need to pay $100 for replacement. Tidying up room and sorting items accordingly to your own space management will be good.

- Waiting for enlistment was kind of suck and boring even though I am reading book bit by bit each week to do self learn. Designing was good job but hell with it since I`m in love with photographhy as my future career.

- Joining the upcoming photoshoot with the West shooter next week. Ever since this year, I never get to join their shooting. I am the vice organiser and oh god!! I didnt do my duty well!! Hahaha, so pasieh Jack!! Photoshooting with different photographer help alot not only in aspect but also technical. Best of all, being friend!

- Graduating from school was kind of still fresh in my mind. I miss afew good and nice people. Oh course a person I couldnt forget too! It will be great to have a meal with her although she just simply reject me flat twice.

- Getting to know new friends from blogging and was very happy to know many of nuffnangers!!

- Love alone cannot fill stomach or buy you things that you wanted. Love is complicated and there is no definite answer. From I can see from my perspective, I better not try since I cannot assure I can give any commitment. Till I find a better answer about relationship, it will be a no.
Breaking people heart seen to different from fairy tales....

- Be responsible for what you do. In the world, trust is important in every aspect and most important in business and partnership.

- Being quiet at times will be good because sometime you just make yourself a fool instead. Observe first before talk because you might get the idea what they are talking about.

- Ask whenever you do not know, some people just like to act clever and then push blame when thing screwed up.

- I believe in destiny and fate. It is just regrettable that I just cant be with someone I wanted to be. I let it go and still image of her just flash in my mind. Slowly it just fade and disappear into the darkness. A memory I wish that can just continue to playback to motivate me to be a better man from time to time.

- So many love songs and each of them depict extraordinary love message when in reality; unfaithful love fill up the whole skies. So many poem and poet that spread around the globe about love; yet it so different from the book.

- Give yourself a clap if you get to read until here. =)

- Last of all, there is alway a miracle. It happen everyday on different people. Dont ever give up hope. As long there is tomorrow, there is alway hope!!

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