Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Application unsuccessful

Was feeling abit empty when I see an application for being a wedding photographer wasnt successful. I visit the main website again and I just realize that I am much more happier if I never got a position in that company.

I`m not trying to derate a photography company but compared to locals works. That is not professional enough.

A website that is meant for international client should NOT consist of many photos of that specific event. There is alway just a few best photos instead, less is more after all. Secondly, the works wasnt fantastic at all. I am surprise by the award it achieve.

I saw the link that welcome me to attend a course with a cert. How credible is the cert and how will it help? More doubts just get in. I dont like the experience of being e-mailed that the interview will be 1 hour when instead it is only 5 fucking minutes. I`m no joke and the interview give me creep. I dont like the owner too, he hiding something anyway.

I work as a part time PA and comparing the current company I`m working and that company. Seriously, I feel like telling the owner to judge his quality of work before telling other. Photography is not just about theory but people can see for themselves.

I feel like telling him. If you get me one D3, 12-24mm, 24-70mm, 85mm, 2 sb 800, 3 strobe, 3 umbrella, one car, one driver cum assistant. My work for that day can pawn your work.

I`m not trying to boost or something. Alot of people who had such equipment can also pawned him.

I`m still in learning stage because I`m aiming for commercial ad and not some simple wedding event to work for the rest of my life. I`m a designer and I know how to see quality even I`m lazy to produce.

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