Monday, August 24, 2009

Da jie 21th birthday

Finally I got the time to blog about my Da jie 21th birthday which happen on the 13th August. During my secondary school day, I get to know her through some friend and she is younger than me. A very nice gal and is like one day while playing basketball, my school pant just spilt apart. My Mum during that time was kind of ^#%&^$(*&@( which I feel so O_O||. It`s ok if you dont get what I`m trying to say.

So I approach for her help since Guo xiong pant was being sewn by her. She straight accept to help me and within a few days. My pant was being sewn back. From that moment onward, she become my Da jie. It been 5 years I guess. As usual, we didnt really contact much because we are alway busy and she is busier than me. This is the first time I attend her birthday party which make me so excited!

It was fun and I get to meet quite alot of schoolmates during that night. I still believe my secondary school days are the best of my life! =D

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