Thursday, August 27, 2009

An epic fail game: Empire Total war

I got a game Empire Total war because of recommendation. Rush back to install and wash up in between. Thinking that the game update will be done within 20minutes. Was pretty stun that the update is at 0% when the dl speed is at 155kb/sec.

Went to try playing single mode in offline mode. Cannot access the game and it is a must for the game to be updated before you can play the game. Was terribly disappointed in it. This is the first time I got frustrated over a game. Is like I pay for this game and yet I cannot play because the game must be connected online and that fucking 2gb of update to finish with just a 155kb/sec dl speed.

I went to sleep from 7pm plus and wake up at 1am plus to realize the download is only 10%. Horrified by such a happening, I went to forum and check it out to see there anyway I could bypass the update. I see alot of negative comments from players and it seen I am like buying a beta game or a game that is for the sake of monetary gain and not for sake of players. It make me feel like I being conned in someway. Installing and playing the game was another thing.

Alot of crashes in the game was being sound and judging from what people in the forum talk about. I feel so disappointed to waste my money on such a game even though I like RTS very much.

I dun care whose the developer but these people are thinking with their butt not their brain. Why cant I play a game that is not updated?? Cant I play while the game is dling the update? It really boil to tell them straight in their face, ; Hey fuckface!! Are you playing dumb to be a developer or a noob that trying use us as a guinea pig for your coming release Napo Empire?'

Checked out the wiki and wonder the rated review given. Seriously it is being highly overrated when there are so many people complaining about game crash, not working, cant play issues.

8hours of dling the update now and is only 20%. You know what I`m feeling now? Eating the whole game in my stomach

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