Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HSBC walk! 12th July 2009

Too bad for those photographers who left early. Ayioo..what the rush man...

That hornet stay there very long machiam the head tio stuck... rofl

Nice right? I try to be annoying by keep jumping on it to pester other photographers. XD
Back Light ( PP02 )

I like this photo seriously,
Would like to add words in it,
but my english seriously cannot make it.
Oh have you see caterpillar in cocoon?
This is found by Skyimage while trekking back... =D

Ok 1 week ago before this outing, I went out with Hp wandering around for around 8km and for this outing, it around 10km walk. I walk the tree top twice so is like 1.8 km X 2 plus 5.6km from starting point to reach ranger point and then back again... oh... it more than 10km I guess.

I`m the sub organizer of this outing and then I just dump all the work to Jack while I slack at home. =X The theme is Macro shoot and the best part is I dont have Macro len!! Oh well, seriously it aint any fun except the walk look like some kind slimming exercise activity for me.

Was being pulled to walk the treetop twice by Sky they all just as they keep on say NS COMING!! AHHHH!! I TIO FREAKED OUT!! I walk 1st round then they reach the ranger point. Gasp!! Shouldnt walk so fast.... >.<

Sky and Jack teach me about surviving in NS. A kind of leaf that contain like 2grams of water droplet. 0_-|?|?.......they even call it the cb leaf...woa...

Woke up at 6am to rush to Kembangan Mrt to meet Daniel and MJ. Oooo....haven eat breakfast and didnt drink much water either. The walk was really some kind of mental training to me. Settle my breakfast and lunch at north point food court and went back home.

Had a heart to heart session with Daniel during the bus journey. Thx you Daniel, I will be confidence this round. =)

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