Friday, August 7, 2009

When it all about relationship part1

I was reading one of my friend blog recently and he type ; "how some people can change partners like changing clothes. I mean really... is the guy really that awesome? or are the girls just whatever? So it brings me down to this, how can a person tell if you're in love, cos love these days are so overrated... what exactly is love? "

Love ( Relationship ) is very different from everyone perspective. There`s no end to this topic.
My dad once told me; " Son, when it`s your it will be. If it isn`t, no matter how many miles you travel. It will be fruitless. When it come, no matter how hard you try to avoid. You cant avoid."

What the hurry of getting a girlfriend if you are not ready? For the sake of getting more experience and level up? Or seriously finding to settle down?

What is love to you? What factors will lead to you to a successful relationship? How to maintain a relationship and keeping it healthy.

Factors I think that is important
- Communication between both parties that cross each other world. It the basic dude!
- Trust, dark secret that they want someone to know and share their burden
- Support, encouragement when things are going down.
- Leadership, leading both to a better future during tough times

Personalities that help
- Expressive , able to express their words well.
- Good sense of humor, laughter is the best medicine in the world.
- Outgoing, traveling to different places to bring new joy and excitment
- Singing, best way to de-stress
- Romantic,
- Creative, expect plenty of surprise with this type of person.
- Honestly, we cheats at time but still it wont be nice though
- Sociable, easy to communicate

For gals,

-Be careful of hot tempered guy. You may ended up being abused~!

I really admired those old couple holding hand in the evening at the park keeping quiet. Ask any Old Folk in their 80+ that what is love to them and what keep their love burning.

Some say, ' A shoulder for me to rest on. ' ' My best friend!. ' ' Someone I want to live with.' ' lifetime partner. ' So many different answer but yet same conclusion, True love dont end!

Love isn`t just happen.

Everyone is talking about it, they are looking for someone with that character or personal trait. When in fact, they are just buffing their way out. Oh yes, guys and the ladies do the same. It`s everyone freedom to choose.

Exercise twice a week!! Seriously, if you want to make yourself attractive or least look presentable go for it!!

- Buy better clothes, dont go for brand. Something that suit you that all
- Cut your hair or try new hair style for a fresh look
- Dont do heavy make up

Ways to slim down!
- Drink waters after your dinner if you are feeling hungry. Some digestive biscuit or yoghurt will be good.
- Never have a late dinner. ( 7-8pm ) Your organ need time to digest fully
- Avoid fast food or deep fried food. The oils will be store in your tummy ( for the guys ) and in your butt ( for the gals )
- Never skip your meal. 2-3 meals will be good. Morning is a must, dont ask why. Find yourself and it goes the same for dinner. Skipping lunch is quite alright. I know gals love to skip to get slimmer.

Past experience to share:

I had a friend who told me he only want a gal with good personalities that all and I say I can recommend him a girl who meet his requirement with only one problem. She is sure big!! You know what kind of big* I`m talking about. He instantly switch topic.

I had another who complain why no girl love him. I told him I can get one that can truly love him for the rest of his life. He just need to make sure he wont get suffocated during the night exercise that all. He goes hahahahaha and say dont want.

Few years ago, I visit my friend who just got married to their house warming and she drive me to nearest MRT station after that. ' Why you choose him? ' was my question and it was rather direct question but no offend. I`m a person who like to go straight to point and of course to understand more. Asking in a joking way, she simile and pointed out that appearance doesnt mean everything because at the end of the day, it the beauty beyond the skin. Wrinkle grow and physical change as time fly but not the beauty inside someone.

For ALL THOSE WHO HAVE EYE POWER!! Go library under Non-Friction book, Self improvement type. You will find lot of information about interaction or other you might never heard before. There will be book that teach you how to talk and interact. Dont keep stuff yourself at home!! Internet sure provide plenty of tips too. Use your eye power for a better use!! Like stock , 4D, big sweep better right.... =X

Never ask dead end question ( Question like Have you eaten? And the reply goes, Yup! ) That all....It will be interesting to ask What did you have for lunch? And the reply could be either ' I have chicken rice or I`m going for lunch soon. '

I know you know , most people just shut down their brain when they saw their dream partner. I still recall in my secondary school day I will run away whenever I see the girl I like. It was funny and it was acceptable because of my age. However it will be different if you are an adult, learn to open your mind and try to talk*

Note down and try to remember the first conversation to prepare the next conversation. It will come in handy and people will be impressed that you still remember what they are saying.

Even you talk cock sing song, some gals still appreciate it.

There are people facing this problem. Hang out more with your friends, colleagues and your hobby friends. There are many social networking website. A personal diary will be good to draw people who are interested in your life to know more about you. It take an hour or more to write one but keeping it as a memory enable you to refresh your past.

Some people went clubbing in search of their " YOU ARE THE ONE!! " It happen but it doesnt mean that the only place.~! Singapore is sure a small country but there are millions of people living here. Who know you just hit one while having a meal near your house. It pretty random stuff I have to say.

In short, love/ relationship to me is about responsibility & commitment.

My dear friend, if you happen to read this. I hope you will continue to work hard and be yourself. All the best.



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