Monday, August 3, 2009

Working as PA~!

Feeling blue all over..

Didnt really sleep yesterday night.It like near 11pm, I got myself to sleep and then woke up at 2am. Guess I was really excited after all!! So I spend that few hours surfing net and watching video. =D

Reach Julian house at 7.40am for a brief on the equipment and set out around 8.30am. Went to Suntech and set up. The office view was nice!! Is like the you can see the Singapore flyer and the vast sea which had tiny sizes of ships on it. ^^ nice!! Do abit of push up and fisting around in that enclose area and losing all round of chess found in MacBook pro. =/

So after set up, I wait 2 hours plus doing nothing!! LOLX!!! Then wait for the group shot and everything ended. Went to eat together with Julian and then went to his house help him cut transparency.
I really trim the wooden ruler well. Maybe the waist line of the ruler is afew cm shorter. At the end of the job task. I not only trim the transparency but also the poor wooden ruler! XD

Working as PA make me more certain what kind of worklife I want and the role I wanted to take. Although it just a part time job and it like weekly job, the exposure is great for me!

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