Tuesday, September 8, 2009

747 VS Porsche Event

It`s all begin when I got this invitation from Nuffnang staffs a week ago. As you can see, it is the first ever 747 vs GT3 in Asia which mean I`M DEFINITELY GOING!!! =DD

So and finally I got a ticket~!!!
During the actual day, I hitch a ride with Eugene with Kenny, Raine and Hui wen too!! Plenty of visitors are bringing their cameras and videocam.
Invited blogger are given a tag! I like the design. Colorful and stylist.

So we make our way to the designated location after finish giving the tag.
Get to walk through the departure hall. Wanted to buy free duty stuff. =X
Eugene, Hui wen, Raine & Kenny
A music performance was held when we reach the location. The music band done a very good job.

Some of the bloggers!!

These are the bus that will take us to the grand stand.

MC of the day.

Beside enjoying the drink~!
There alot of nice food around~!!!

Okay, they got a dance performance after the lunch. I wasnt really impressed with their dance. Oopx...
I got this prize from~~>
A contest which got 2 stage. First stage is to make a car acceleration sound while second stage is making a plane acceleration sound. =D

I sound weird but I guess everyone enjoy the sound* I produce. =X
Good sunny weather, abit if heat radiate from the sun. And within 30minutes, I felt like melting.

Event Model

Meet Joe . One of the photographer =D

Visit his website at : ( Link )

Porsche GT 3

The pilot is Peter leo. He became a captain when he reach 29, one of the youngest pilot to be a captain.
I want this big len!!! XD
Several plane passby the grandstand. As Singapore Airport is one of the busiest in the world. There is alot of planning of time allocation for the race.
The porsche driver is Yuey Tan.
Both exchange greeting and make their way to their respective station to get ready.

Everyone is getting excited about the race and the question is, who will win? The plane or the car?
Peter driving the plane over to the starting line.
3min countdown~!
Dancers doing their best during the countdown.

And goooooo!!!

Who the winner???
The plane take off around the finishing line. o_O

And the winner is Yuey Tan!

Got a chance to take a photo with Yuey Tan after winning the sound contest!
Not forgetting Mr Peter who is also one of the winner!

Before we leave, everyone got a goodies bag~! The event was totally fantastic!! I just couldnt believe a car win a plane. Since I roughly know the engine of a plane vs engine of porsche. The weight of both plane and car is a big contrast so which could be the answer for the output. I hope I could attend similar kind of event x)

I really enjoy this event. Trust me, next time you got a chance to go for this kind of event. Dont miss it!! Especially car lover as well as airplane lover!!

Went to Popoeye for dinner with Eugene they all before going back home.

Great blast of the day in Asia this year~!

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