Thursday, September 3, 2009

TAT: Hungry ghost Festival 2009

In chinese traddition, during the 7th lunar month. It was being name as the hungry ghost festival. The gate of hell will be open and spirits will get a chance to visit their beloved one who still dwell in the earth.

People who had this belief will start to buy paper money, paper house, paper car etc etc and even passport to burn for the dead which we call them the 'good brother' Some people claim to see the spirit are consuming the offered food and drink. Most adult will be saying dont step on the Ash or kick the altar. Something unlucky will happen.

In this world dominate by science and technology. More and more people dont really believe in such spiritual matter. It is common for it wasnt proven by science.

To me, it is something full of mystery and magical. The answer will alway be shrouded in the fog. Do they really exist or it`s just our imagination.

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