Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The week of illumination

I do not know where to start from. It is just too happening to me. Before I know what am I doing, the world of mine was being light up by someone who accept my presence in her world.

So unexpected and so impossible that it seen like god do pity a guy like me. A miracle that I kiss the ground and bow to the sky that how grateful I am to receive. Though this gift is with me now. It just a humble beginning, there`s going to be rough journey ahead. However I`m going to hold on this gift and take it around with me up and down of my life.

I felt a surge of joy in me yet doubts and questions conceal underneath. Mix feelings churn up and blow up high into my mind like fireworks festival. So confuse yet so sober. So uncomfortable at times yet so pleasant that give me the feel of living in hell and heaven.

Spring is coming to me for the first time. I will cherish it as much as I can....

It sound so cool and romantic yet deep in my heart. I know there are many things to do in order let this gift not to leave my side.

The past cannot be undone, the present itself is a chance and future is a gift. I will make use of this chance to fight for my own happiness and embrace the future with confidence.

I know I may not be up to it. However winner never quit, I`ll keep trying till the skies shine out bright.

I wish this little faith of staying by her side will be fulfilled. What I am thinking now is. How to ensure we are going to have a bright future.

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