Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For those who haven misundestood regarding 30th dec

we will be inviting all the bloggers
who always join our event together
den use this time to set up to set up a committee
an official committee for all Nuffnang bloggers
where you all can vote for the committee members
den in future u guys wanna have activities
Nuffnang will come up with money to subsidise all your outings
e.g u guys wanna have a movie den Nuffnang can subsidise
den the blogger communityc an also grow further
bringing the relationship with bloggers even closer
den in the event, we will also be planning out games and there will be prizes to be won
it is going to be an internal one.
not a grand one
not only that we also want to give u guys the benefits
of continue growing your banner advertisements income
count u in for all acitivities
den we even want to set up a website for u guys
its nt a 'briefing'
its like a day where we official set up the committee
Run by bloggers
funded by Nuffnang
we jus want to reward those bloggers who in the first place rewarded NN
as in
support NN
and also through NN u guys become friends
and that is why we are celebrating it and growing the community further
can u clear the misunderstanding that it is not a briefing.
basically our intentions to that we want to grow the community
den we want to reward a certain group of ple who are always supportive of us
it doesnt make sense for us to keep benefiting the group of ple who in return want to support our competitor
Today Don come to our office
we made it clear to him that
u guys have to CHOOSE.
in any case, we are having an internal party on that night
those who wish to come are welcome to come.
those who goes to 24 seven no pressure. they can go
Nuffnang is not forcing them.
again i feel kinda sad that xxxx is saying this kind of thing
who says we are not tryin to bring relationship closer
in fact we are doing it because we want to


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