Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Journey with Nuffnang

This is a very long post entry. Personally I would to share my experience my journey working under Nuffnang and also as a Nuffnang blogger.

It all begin on November 2008 when I got internship in Nuffnang. I was a blogger and blog is just an online diary to me.
This is how it look like when I first got into Nuffnang office. Small and cozy. =)
And so I went to take up the position of Designer Trainee with another school mate. Through Nuffnang, I learn a lot of thing and that BLOGGING is more than just an online diary!

Through Nuffnang....

I get to know more people who share same passion as me.
We get to meet up under Nuffnang event such Blood drive creating a channel and social network. Not only doing just good deed.
We have fun too! Just like the Vpost in Dec 2008 at DXO where Malaysia and Singapore Bloggers get to know each other.

So after the event which all the Nuffnang staffs worked very hard and plenty of OT......It's the Nuffnang 3 days 2 night company retreat! The company welfare is so good that even the intern and part timer are welcome to join the retreat. 3days of fun with Malaysia and Singapore Nuffnang staffs. No work just play....we play very hard for this 3 days~! =D
My first paintball session in Yishun. Pretty hot but it's worth it.
Not just the sweat but also the paint & the pain* from the shot. Heex.

Through Nuffnang, I make new friends and one day there was a blogger gathering by Hpility.
We had plenty of fun and having nice food at seoul garden. Chatting and gossip which we seem to enjoy very much. And we even got our small little blogging group.

Every few months, Nuffnang will host some events which attract plenty of Bloggers to take part.

Through Nuffnang events, my social network got larger.

Our July Birthday gathering BBQ

As our blogging group get bigger through bloghop and also innit,we organized a BBQ celebration for Hp, Meld, Jia qi and Weijie the bloggers. With the help of everyone who take part in the BBQ, it was a success!

Our birthday boys and gal* The only gal =X

Stephen Birthday at Aston

I get to attend a blogger birthday name Stephen. Along with other bloggers, we last minute bought a present for him. least he really like the present! The bonding of new make friends are getting stronger not by just reading their blog or through msn but personal touch in gathering.

Sentosa Outing

The Pringle contest is near. A few bloggers decided to have some fun and also film their video there. We bought alot of pringle potato chips to the beach as our snack and our only snack*. We play sand building, water splash, frisbee and etc etc. We event got a couple of Malaysia bloggers such as Blue & DustyHawk.

They look perfect together but they are just blogging friends =)

Other outing...

Ryli Birthday
Airport walk

Porsche VS 747 Event,

Through Nuffnang, I was being invited to withness the race of Porsche VS Boeing 747 during sept. I get to know Joe who is a blogger also sharing photography interest with me. He help me took photo with the driver of the porsche which I happen to win in a mini contest. XD
Cool RIGHT!?
Not forgetting the Nuffies who attend the event~! To me this is one of the most amazing event I ever attend. XD

As Alumni...
I get to know the new staffs of Nuffnang as well as remaining contact with them.

Beside just gathering and Tea session..

I get a chance to have bloggers who are interested to be my model for my personal portfolio. We will get to have photoshoot session.
Studio Shoot with left to right
Meld, Joyce, me, Hp, Fyn
Outdoor Shoot with Andy

Double Date..

Me and my girlfriend Ying zi who is also a blogger have a dinner together with Malaysia Blogger, Jess and Josh. Plenty of topic to gossip about how we get to know each other through Nuffnang and how blogging work.

Nuffnang Award 2009

One of the greatest and grand event host by Nuffnang. 4 different countries of bloggers are gathered to attend this event.

Spending good time in Meld house,

Manjhong session the whole day...
and having dinner together..
then blog hopping to different blogs and giving comment. Positive and negative..... =X


It has been a very exciting year ever since I been with Nuffnang. I really enjoy a lot especially the blogger gathering and the movie preview.

So much memories so much fun!!! Hopefully my journey with Nuffnang wont end when I go for my enlistment

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