Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A season that make me think differently

Lush yellowish brown land of leaves,
the sky are filled with branches,
with different pattern of leaves,
sweeping across along with the wind,
embracing the winter of the snow,
to freeze the pain left behind,

There are time that spark wonder,
yellow and bright,
excitement blow and splash,
a memory of our life,

People who are green,
make this question constantly,
ye when the green is gone,
the answer is being reveal,

Thousands of words to speak,
where as art become part of it,
it`s a wonder why,

What bring people together?
What separate people?
what has life become?

No doubt life isnt a bed of rose,
no doubt thing get busier,
no doubt we are getting confused,

Yet we know,
we are still moving forward,
to reach our goal,

Time become an essence,
colors embedding along with the time,
How many colors did you once held?

What favorite color is yours?
as we think,
the time is ticking,

do you not want to find out more about your colors?

Anything that have a start will have an ending,
people make the decision to create the ending,
of all this,

I tried......

If being together have no meaning for us,
wouldnt it be better to go our own way?

uncontrolled event yet our hand to change our fate,
it is no longer just a one sided view point to mark our destiny,

there are great time we had together,
bad time too..

I need to find more colors of my life alone...

if you can understand how I feel...

You should finding yours now....

No excuses is enough to bind me


  1. aww, this post sounded sad :( well i'm sure that there's no ending to everything, it's just a change to a newer way.

    you may not be lovers anymore, but being good friends may be the better way to continue the relationship? :)

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