Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese new year 2009!!



Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spring cleaning

I LOVE spring cleaning

and I really love my brother for leaving the house early in the morning to town with his girlfriend allowing me to do all the cleaning myself!!

Lucky he still got wash clothes and change the cushion.....

Now it time to VACCUM!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Story of Kz

I decided to follow up with one of my buddy with his blog. Please visit his blog if you got time to wander around. =)

One of the Target achieved : Completed 3 internship during Nafa 

Kz finally complete his 3rd internship few weeks ago. In his last internship of 7weeks , he felt he wasn`t productive enough and he just wonder how his boss felt about him. He was glad that the boss is pleased with his performance. However he love his 3rd internship the most!!

Just a few more days and it going to be 2009 so I think it is interesting to write a summary of my life from Y2K buggy year.

1 - Enrolled in Teck whye secondary famous for being an Ah Beng school. All senior bag alway tend to be empty and they had the trend of unbutton the first 2 button on their shirt. 

2 - First public Caning on the first week in the school and became part of the life style. =D

3 - Join National Police cadet corp because I am a mama boy =/

4 - Witness the power of different Ah bengs clashing weekly in the canteens. Things can fly around and you wont be surprise the foods landed safely on your head. 

5 - Marching my life in the carpark with the NCC and the Military  Band ( Teck whye - bukit pajang high ) the whole sat.

6 - My first school based camp and the first night of camp, everyone keep on singing peel banana. 

7 - Join track & field after being inspired by Mr chee

1 - More drills and under the sun.

2 - Kanaa screw upside down for being caught playing rifle with squad mate the whole afternoon. Point somemore, 5 minute PT kit in parade square!

3 - Non-commission cadet officer camp , wont forget the moment of being given push up in the toilet while cleaning. 

4 - First time heard a baby ghost cry in the school toilet during npcc camp during night patrol.

5 - Text books fly out of classroom because never do homework and enjoy the conversation with the same group of people.

6 - Advance to express instead due to poor performance in study

7 - Quit Track and field 

8 - Teacher kana wacked in class and dare not to go home because all the ah beng waiting at school gate. LOL!! 

1- New school but still haunted in some corner. =O

2- Promoted to NCO and finally can give junior push up. Give me 20 30 lalala~!! =D

3- Failed almost all my subjects drop to NA

4- First time see massive class fight across the parade square , tables , broom , dust pan , chairs and even bags waving high up. 

5- Suffer Depression 

6- Had my first god brother 

7- Become parade commander during morning assembly , my legs wobble like jelly and everyone come telling me of I look like a jellyfish. =/

8- Fail my markman because 3 bullets just happen to be outside the circle. 

9- First time a tent went crashing on me while sleeping. -_-

10- Parade commander for Npcc day, Someone screw up my performance.....

1 - Still under depression

2 - every outing  until now, my mother only give me $2.
      Night excursion , also $2..... kns... =X

3 - Had my 2nd god bro

4 - Join Lie Feng Basketball Club and was given number 15

5 - First one to knock out in the training. >.<

6 - Finally become a SSGT with 2nd drill badge but become rebellious in npcc. =(

7 - P went on suspension and expel rampage driving out all the bad eggs in school. Beyond godlike!!! =D

8 - First ghost encounter in school. Was sitting alone in school at night  revising homework halfway when a ghost float toward me. Totally cant move neither can I SCREAM!! After that believe in god. 

1- Still under despression

2- Spend less in basketball 

3- Fat grow instantly

4 - Hair loss 

5 - Seriously dunno what the hell I am thinking and doing. Plenty of friends grad to JC  and poly. 

6 - Addicted in dota , flunked my O lvl

7- Got 5th and 6th bro and 7th bro =)

8- Become Chairman of media- byte , Love filming and editing

9 - won fancy drill competition , the rifle is seriously heavy after one whole dance of marching. I never get to wear the number 1 uniform because of some stupid admin problem!!!
1- Quiet and peaceful year , nothing happen and suddenly just feel life is very empty

2- Disown 7th bro =(

3- Still flunk my O lvl >.<

1 - Intend to go Nursing course in Nyp but never apply

2 - Apply Nafa

3 - Moved house from teckwhye to siglap with my grandma ( Suddenly feel so so lonely )

4 - New lifestyle which actually suck ,

5 - ??
2007 & 2008

Oh nooo....I think I nedd a couple round of dota

Monday, January 19, 2009

Steamboat gathering

Our best wishes to the couple* ( Sitting on the chair )

Number 1 posture to 
Number 10!! 2nd-9th I`m too lazy to upload =X

It a vegetarian steamboat if you realize there wasnt any meat on the table. =)

And the owner happen to keep alot of hamsters. Let have a look. 

The three musketeer, they will bite their way out of the cage no matter what happen.

Prison break... =X

It was 2week ago when I went to shi xin house for steamboat. I brought my compact camera and test it out. Apparently, plenty of shot went blur. -_-

I didnt help out much because the tv program happen to be star war 3 I think and all the guys are transfixed on to the tv. =)

Hmm.... I enjoy the food and really enjoy the food because it free.... =X

Friday, January 16, 2009


I found a wintered long leaf on tuesday in my school bag at a printing shop and today thursday I got a wooden chopstick in my school bag at home. Was speechless and I wonder are they attention seeker? People who attention seeker are either hyper-active people or suffering depression. So I had no idea they are under which one. =/

Allow me to have a short self intro of myself. I am studying in NAFA as a year 3 students. So I somehow still have this problem of my guys same class with me like to put stuff in my bag. Whether it is harmless or hygiene stuff, it is not pleasant thing to do. Last time they can even put some other people artwork in my bag. Can you imagine how is it to be like?

I`m very sure I wasnt studying in lower secondary school anymore but the problem lie with these few guys who got the mentality of a lower secondary school student. I`m know is either one of the 2 person who get to be same class with me but I just dont want to know who. 

I`m tired of telling them please stop these childish game. I dont see the point being angry or even care because at the end of the day, everyone need to do their stuff. I got plenty of stuffs to do anyway but I wonder how can I help both of them to mature. Everytime they will explain stuff when being question. By the way, I dont like playing sherlock homes.

If you got a 20 and 21 yr old student like playing the game of putting stuff inside your bag. What will be your reaction? I feel disappointed again.... =(

School started well and still trying out the new compact camera. =) Will upload my photo of my hamsters. =D  

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

End of internship at Nuffnang

My internship program end last friday in Nuffnang. Wanted to blog about it but I spend the remaining days to chill and some fun shopping around so didnt get to update. =P

Here the story of my experience working in Singapore Nuffnang. =)

A group shot of the whole Sg Nuffies 2008 ( Not in photo : Charis )

I want to pinch Ming face!! Pinch pinch...hehex.
Intern for the start of the Jan. Left ( Eugene ) Mid ( Hanaa ) and me!
Intern for the end of year 2008. ( Left ) Charis , ( Mid ) Hanaa and me again... =X
This is the photo during the Nuffnang retreat and the intern got the privilege to went for a performance too. Snow and the seven dwarf directed by Hossen leong. =D

Totally thumb up!!
Hanaa and I will alway sit together in the discussion room, she the one who alway help me open the chicken essence bottle. Till this day, I still have no idea why I cant open chicken brand essence.... -_-

Hanaa and I are intern under visual communication. We get to learn and do other stuffs too. In creative line, 2 head are indeed better one. We get to help each other in design. Hanaa! Thx for enduring the moment when I went crazy singing and doing those stupid action everytime I am in stress mode. Sorry for shooting your back twice during the paintball, should have continuously fire all the round on your back!!! =X

For 2 round of paintball, I never use half of my bullets. For each round, everyone got 25 bullets and I counted the number of times I shoot that why I know at the end of the round, I still have plenty of bullets. >.< .......was shot thrice and one time in the tummy. Was glad my tummy got quite a thick layer of fat to absorb the damage. =X

Looking forward to work along with you again! =)

On the last in the office, only 4 of us are in office. Ming went to KL...

So we got ourselves pizza during lunch. Clara and Eugene treat us!! Free food definitely taste good =P
One of the heartwarming part being a nuffies is during christmas gift exchange. Everyone got a pleasant surprise. I was surprise to get a book. Wont go to the detail what kind of book is it. Hehe..

Million of thank you to Cherie! Was told by Ming that she the one who give me the chance to work in Nuffnang. =)

I didnt get a chance to take photo with Ming together using my camera. =(

To Ming, you spend time and effort guiding me toward personal development. You push me hard when you know I can do it. I love all the stories you share with us during lunch and I like the way you explain to me. Sometime I just happen to irritate him and he flared up. However at the end of everything, I managed to accomplish his demand. Dont drive too fast whenever the music is at chorus because the gals are opening their mouth.. =D

He one funny boss who will sing loudly in the office overwhelming the music you are listening. He treat me more like a brother and teach me in a harsh way for me to understand directly the consequence of making that mistake. Was very surprise that he told me, he was like me when he was that young too. At the end of the internship, he make me wanted to come back to nuffnang and this time round to contribute whatever I can. My passion for commercial art increase and working under him let me realize that I will definitely grow. In this company, everyone work as a team regardless of your job scope. You can relax and chill sometime but when it come to work, you will push yourself to the limit. We get to fun together by going Ktv and interact more with each other. Learn where to go eat in some famous places. When it come to tackling gal problem, his inspiring sentence will be 'Hey dude, grab some balls!' 0_o

This is a kind of boss who will scold you but at the same time explaining to you why is he disappointed and how to prevent further same mistake. He care for everyone in the company. Good boss isnt easy to find and great boss are hard to find too. =)

Hopefully I get some balls as time go... =X

To Cherie, I learn how to be sweet mouth and more careful before speaking. Learn some of the Do and Dont toward gal. The first week of internship was hell, design the website background for the whole week with so many change was kind of @_@. Wont forget that the client keep on ask for change and change. I think your boyfriend is a durian. x)

To Raine, didnt get to chat much with her because she give me an impression that she will kill me. However it turn out she was a cute and fun gal, she give me tips and we get to joke. The best part is I never win her whenever we are shooting each other through words. I happen to went her house to taste her cooking. Can you imagine a plate of fried rice filled with alot of ingredient? Generous serving of eggs ,hotdogs and crabsticks...Went for 2 serving and I finish up the remaining rice. =D

Love her brother chicken ginger soup. One small sip and you get to taste saturated ginger essence. I really enjoy chatting with her brother in kitchen. He was preparing the food and we get to chat about our interest, thought and etc etc. He even share with me the motivation of going to execrise. A very nice muscular guy who know how to cook afew dishes. The first time I get to hitch a ride on the bike was by him. It was so cool on the bike but then I also start to realize that bike was seriously much much dangerous than driving a car. =X

To Hui Wen, She is the pioneer batch of Nuffnang. Hardly get to see her but she also live near my grandma house. Hope to see her and Glenn again! =)
I really have nothing much to say about her.... =P

To Clara, sweeting gal who like to make me have cold sweat all over. A very romantic gal and of course a faithful one with no doubt. Blur at times but I think she was daydreaming away. Learn many many things from her and enjoy chatting with her. I like the part when she mention why go for a better flower when you youself got a nice flower in your hand. Kinda of hard to find gal who are easily contend. Takkire!

I saw the photo of you and Jimmy at the toilet! Classic photo of the years!!

To Charis, I had the same thinking concept toward relationship with her when I was much younger. Cant say much but only can wish her good luck in her study and life. =)

To Eugene, only get to work with him for 1 week. Love the friday session together with the ktv session too. Happy working in Nuffnang! =)

To Hanaa, whatever you do! Stop pinching my nimple!! =X Your boyfriend is really an ideal husband and I`m not a gay!! It kinda of hard to find guy who are devoted in religon, dont drink dont smoke, dont club, execrise, play with kids, keep pet, able to cook , able to drive and most importantly being a understanding partner.

Working in Nuffnang is exciting and awesome! You will enjoy working there definitely!

Hope everyone will like my new year card design for this coming chinese new year!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My bro birthday on 1st jan

Went to find Daniel to buy his compact camera Canon IXUS 80 IS. One of my Shi fu in photography. =) Half of my internship pay gone on that day.... -_-

Daniel wanted me to take videography courses so when the time is ripe. He wanted to set up a studio and he told me he want a good videographer for the current market. I am interested to learn about videography. Trying new thing is good as you are learning new thing which may prove to be useful. =)

Dun be afraid of failure!! Failure is never fatal, Success is never final!! Found this quotes on Clara name card. =D
Meet Xiao Jereld who is only 6 month old.
My parent decided to have steamboat for this year. My whole family is vegetarian except me. I am a part timer vegetarian. =P
My bro and his gf. Finally a new member for my brother birthday. x)
$25 for this small cake. It a mango cheese cake if I am not wrong. Brought it at jurong point basement cakeshop. @_@.....very nice seriously. They shredded the white chocolate and put quite a layer of mango pudding over the cake. The cake itself is 2 flavor. I know it is a sub shop of bread talk.
My parent!! As we grow up older, we suddenly realize we love our parent who took so much effort and time on us. I feel very lucky that my family are going well. Be appreciative of what we should have.
Jason didnt say 3 2 and he just click the shutter away.... @_@|| I dun like this photo!!! My face look like so sian!!
Brothers shot! Jason ( Right ) was a brother of mine for several years. I alway want all my brothers to gather and have a family shot. I will be looking forward for that very day.

List of my brothers : 2nd- kai yuan , 3rd- Yuan man , 4th- Chen ming , 5th - Roy ( Lost contact
-.- ) 6th- Jereld , 7th- Jason , 8th- Yu Hang.

All of them are the best brother to me. I want them to know that this brotherhood will never fade away.

Sometime people will understand how much you care and love them even words are not spoken. Sometime everyone will be busy for months and hardly get to chat together. However you will still very happy and excited the moment when met together. I love my brothers and sister! They are part of my life and half of my happiness belong to them. =D

I just feel so so so happy whenever I think of being their brothers.
Family photo for this year!

i LOVE 1st jan!!

Wasnt able to post able due to the workload in the office for this week. Time really fly.... I just finally get to enjoy so much in working and then school going to start next week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No idea

-_- with myself that I miss my basic theory test again....

^_^ with myself when Ming praise me for taking initiative , my bro and his gf help me buy Audio tech SQ5 headset , celebrating my bro birthday , countdown with friends , my own family dinner and brothers meet-up , getting to know the new intern Eugene. Clara patch up with her lover

T_T because one of my good friend pass away. He is strong and well verse in archery. He is almost the same as me but he is much braver than me. I still fucking hate the fact why such a good man die at young age. Stop telling me nice people die faster. In the end he pass away without tasting what is relationship... Haizz...damn....why why why!!

=O thx to the my brain that cant keep up my output in this week project. And still owning friends photos.

XD in the office beside Hanaa and was labelled crazy fellow. Too stressed and I will start to do all kind of lame action.

x) because school is coming and I looking forward for someone.


What I`m doing now?

Screwing up my brain juice that completely went dried at the 3rd design for a project deal. From the way I see myself is that if I never get to finish the work at my own expected rate with the satisfaction at the ending. I will understand I am way behind being a good designer.

Freaking hell, Stayed back to figure out the 3rd design and in the end no result......freak freak!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Countdown 2009

Do you like firework?
Did you miss out the firework?
Did you enjoy the countdown?

I wont want to know. =P

Yup, singapore firework countdown was at the esplande there. Was pretty packed with alot of people who wanted to see the firework. 7 minutes of firework. And it was awesome!!

Dont believe? Let have a look at my photos. =D

And so 2009 started. A new resolution and new beginning. New clothes, new handphone and new girlfriend. Oopx... =X

Chen Ming, Me , Yuan man ( 5 yrs of brothers!!! ) 
Our group
along with Jian long group. =D
And we wish everyone a happy new year 2009!!!


Leave some comments if you like my photos. x)