Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project Model : Valerie

  You can visit Valerie at Here ( Link ) =)

  The theme is actually city life but unfortunately I didnt go really into theme. I just take what I feel. It was a good start cause the weather wasnt hot at all. Pretty lot of sun light but wasn`t glaring at all. 

  Valerie was an experience model who actually teach me more about position during the shooting. Grin* Well, I guess I`m lucky.

  Enjoy the pictures ( Printscreen ) !!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Imeem only now play 30 seconds of music

I believe many users are using imeem in their blog, xanga, wordpress, live journal and etc etc. 

Imeem have come up with a new restriction. Let have a look

The FAQ states, "When you find a song on imeem that is a 30-second preview, it means that the artist or record label that has registered the song in our database has not approved full-length streaming for our users. Consistent with copyright fair use principles, the song will be streamed to you as a 30-second preview."

I assume that the tags, artist, album, and song info you enter when uploading a full-length song is matched with the info in Imeem's database. In simple terms, it means if the song you're uploading matches the info Imeem has, and Imeem's info says, "Only play 30 seconds of this song because the artist or record label has this song set to play only a 30 second clip," then your upload will just play 30 seconds when it's viewed/embedded on a site other than Imeem, such as MySpace or Facebook

It will be a torture for all those non-english song fans. Imeem have a huge data bank of song but unfortunately it does not apply for non- english song. The best example is chinese, Japanese and malay song. I have quite a number of anime song which now run only on 30 second preview. 

Imeem is using a  filtering software, SNOCAP, runs each track through a "fingerprinting" process and assigns an ID to it. Then imeem checks each song to see if it matches a registered song in our system. This allows imeem to determine the correct owner of the song and give the appropriate streaming permission. If you see 2 of the same song but 1 is streaming at full and the other is only a 30-second preview, it could be possible there is a slight variation in the 2 songs. Therefore their system may identify the 2 songs as different files. 

I will be finding other website that allow the same feature like imeem embedding song. =)

Monday, April 27, 2009

What I want to achieve before going in NS

The things I aim to achieve before going into NS.

1- 10 different couple outdoor shooting ( Currently have 2 registered ) =D
2- Attend as many wedding as possible as a 2nd wedding photographer to gain more exposure under photojournalism.
3- Creating a whole new sensation into fashion and portrait photography under collaboration with the blog shops.

1; The Objective of the couple outdoor shooting is a training up process toward pre-wedding photography. The project itself will try to show case the love between the couple. The visual itself varies accordingly to what the client need. There will be a consultation to find out what the clients want in the project and follow by the terms & condition. 

- It will be done free ( Including photo retouching ) ( Burn in CD or by Mail )
(Photo will be printed for No extra charge at 4R if being requested) ( Receipt will be given for money exchange )
- Clients must sign the letter of Agreement/ Model release form
- Will be happy if tips are given =)

- Have to provide transport
 ( 2 photographer, 2 umbrella and 1 power box ) or ( 1 photographer only ) 
( Will recommend accordingly to what the visual direction need upon agreement )
- Must be willing to fork up the time. Due to the nature of the requested, some photograph timing require clients to be at the destination as early as 5am and can be as late as even 2am.

2. The objective of this training is to travel deeper into the creative field of photography. Wedding photography is an uncontrolled event that create a deep mystery of challenge. I wanted to create a story that tell the tale of how a wedding work to the clients and my viewers. It been my wish and my passion to carry out this duty of story telling photography. 

So how can you help me? Please send me an E-mail. 

Please provide information such as:
Date of your wedding / Engagement 
Location: Bride/ Groom house & the banquet/ buffet
Who is the main photographer? Please give me the website link.

-Payment: $150 Cash ( To cover transport fee and other ) ( $60 Deposit )
-Photo Montage: Free ( Client must give me 2weeks before actual day wedding )
There will be touch up on the photos selected and music can be request. Max 3 adjustment
-Free photo touch up ( Apply to color/ tone / sharpness only*)( Other request will be charge accordingly ) ( Burn in CD or by Mail )
-(Photo will be printed for No extra charge at 4R if being requested) ( Receipt will be given for money exchange )

Sign Letter of Agreement/ Model release Form

3- The project is currently under progress as Project Model. It was a pleasant beginning and was very happy to work with current clients. Interested members can still E-mail me regarding Project model.

I will be able to start on the 7th of June and only in Singapore. 
You can visit my portfolio ( Link ) for project Model
I will be uploading wedding photos I have taken asap.
My E-mail is 

I have no idea when my NS is coming but I do know it is going to be later than October. Hope I can achieve what I set. Will be glad for any reference. x)

Friday, April 24, 2009

The afternoon thought

M body was rotting lazily on the bed under the direct blow of the air-con during afternoon. The sky were blue and clear but beyond the windows is the terrible hot air.

Humming the song beauty and the beast. I close my eye and fantasize about fairy tale in love. Sian..... I like the content of the song which help me to visualize and wonder about love. It wasnt long before I switched off the air-con and prepare to go for lesson. I wanted to skip lesson again and wanted to go east coast park to watch sunset. The broken bicycle just make me skip the idea. Making my way down the stair and to main gate. 'Oh gosh! It sure hot today and I will be merrier if I just evaporated into air and return to the mother nature.'

2pm plus in the afternoon and the recently weather was sure pretty humid and hot. Under the sun, making my way to the Mrt. I begin into deep thought, I`m sure the world is full of many people and there is sure someone suitable for me. However, I just couldnt explain why my brain can only hold 1 person for so long. I am contradicting myself with my ideal and realize I am a contradiction. Thing must move on and so am I even with the burden of the contradiction. I cannot foresee what plan does god have and I`m feeling helpless with the remaining time before leaving the school.

I wanted to believe that I can and I will yet there are something which is not applicable. You see, it is the work of chemistry and the laws is there. If anyone of you was thinking why am I so low esteem. I am thinking because of the past which haunt continously to remind that it the past that make me as a failure and my worst regret for causing so much unhappiness to people around me. I dare not to forget because I wanted to repay their kindness toward me. By so, I will pass on the kindness inside to other and new faces. I am being inspired by the people around me and they give me strength to move on.

When I`m alone, weak is I will be played by my own logical thinking. There are many things I do not know, I couldnt do a simple romantic thing for someone I like. I couldnt crack any humourous joke because I am out of the world. I wouldn`t give any excuse that I was born to be blur. I am working my way out in this narrow path.

I am speechless when I see someone I like because I dont want make any mistake by saying out the wrong thing. I lost the chance of impressing her and I wont beg her for another one. I just want to keep quiet and walk away because I realize I couldnt give her happiness no matter how much I like her. I cannot say I am a loser because I`m such weakling or any negative word you all want to call me.

I couldnt see any happiness for any parties if one of them just realize they are deem unsuitable for each other. It`s good to try and over again but the in between the process is very tiring. People who been in relationship and marriage understood how pain and tiring it could be when things turn bad. I only have a heart and nothing else. She look like a person who want something more and excitment in her life. I couldnt give her things which I think she want. So it pretty pointless at the end of everything.

I`m tired of admiring someone for so long. Everyone happen to taste this before. We cannot blame anyone nor ask anyone for reason. Only god know. Things are left better unexplain and left behind. It become memory and there will be time when we are being refresh by such experience. We will come up with different solution to answer our doubt.

The feeling inside my heart still burn like as if I saw her yesterday. She is not my angel nor my devil but she is someone I wanted to hold hand with. I dont take her as someone superior to me just because her knowledge and any other characters is better than me. I will respect her as someone who give me a new fighting life and a dream. I will love her as a friend and someone who guide me.

I have come to a conclusion that she will make a good partner for any guys. The way she share her knowledge and her daily joke will make the environment more lively. There are many things I dont know and dont understand but it make a good sense of interest toward her more.

Seeing her again will be the past soon. The present wont speak any chance and the future will follow the flow of the present. Sadness do come but it is inevitable because it is part of the growth. We are still young and there are many things to learn. I`m sure she find her happiness pretty soon while I will work hard toward my goal and my dream.

I am happy and the tears that flow down is the tear of happiness. Because I know the person I like will definitely live in happiness no matter where she go.

Before loving anyone, love yourself first. It work! =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Artist and designer.

Being an Art student and also studying in designing course. I realize the similar factors between artist and designer are creative , innovative and knowledge. They still work under the name of ART.

An artist work accordingly to self perspective view of point. They work toward their concept and visually is very unique. Not everyone is able to appreciate the artwork due to it complex element. However many organization want to bring an artist into development project and to help them envision. 

An designer do the same thing as artist but in a more commercial way. They have to listen to what the client one and work closely with them. The element of art is gain attention from the target audience to make their art successful. A designer need to research before starting sketching out their idea and present it to the client. Adjustment are done over and over again till approval are given. They may have to work as a team. They also have to rush deadline.

Designer are separated into  2 main category; Advertising and Graphic

However there are many different kind of designer that specialize in their own field. There are Game designer, Flash designer, Web designer, Interior designer, Jewelry designer, graphic designe, 3D computer etc.

To be a good designer, we must accept all critique given. We want to know how good can we go not how good we are. We must seek inspiration as often as possible. Deviantart is a good source of information. Books are also very good although you may get frustration to spend too much time on finding information.

Creative line;
Creative director , Art director, copywriter, Photography director, photographer, Art buyer, visual artist, concept Artist, Architecture.

If you are a designer and was wondering how to improve your portfolio. Do some marketing research that demand your design style. Send mail over to the company and request for interview. I would suggest to as internship to learn how the company system work and also guidance from senior. Experience is important when it come into creative line. Dont be afraid of trying out new thing. Exposure is very important and so is your attitude. 

I`m just writing a short and simple essay about it. I hope such information do help abit

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Project model : Shi Xin

Before you all see my work!!
Went to the sunset way the railway to take photoshoot. This is my first time here and I was seriously abit shock because below the railway is canal!!! It was like 4-5 storey high and look dangerous to me. It mean if I fall, I get to dive into canal. It take quite sometime for me to adjust because I`m abit afraid of height. Pheww.......

Several works ( Printscreen )

For this theme, I decided to use black & white photography to portray the mood.

My favorite was the 2nd one in the 2nd row.

Happy birthday Mom

A simple lunch cooked by my brother and his gf. Mee suay , dumplings and fried eggs. Delicious!
My parent x)
My bro and his gf
My Mom to take a photo with the parrot and my Dad.
Pandan cake!
On the left still got 2 more different parrot in the cage. Next time will show you all. =D

My parent went through countless of obstacles together. Their insight view toward love was very successful and had passed on to me and my brother. It is unexplainable but we know what we should and shouldnt do. I just feel so happy for my parent to able to love each other deeply as before. 

My dad bought pet to accompany my mum. Firstly was the luo han fish which was damn fierce and kill my small mouse fish within one day I put in the tank. We get to keep 2 before setting it free.After that, we get to keep a guinea pig first which passed away due to my ignorance care -_-||. A siberian golden brown hamster which was given away and 
then russian dwarf hamsters which was also given away in the end because they breed too fast! Finally was roborovski hamsters which also give birth like a pig. We given all away in the end.

Dad started to keep different kind of birds, I like kukubird because in the morning the bird will go kuku kuku in a very cute way. Few months, Dad started to keep parrots. now we got 2 kukubird and 3 parrots. 1 big and wild, a medium size and love to walk around one and I love the 3rd one because it is small and so cute whenever you see it keeping quiet. 

Mom now started to talk to the parrot to teach them speak something. I know it wont be easy but I know Mom wont feel lonely at home whenever dad goes out. I`m wont be at home till weekend and so is my brother who is serving his NS. Being a housewife is a very tiring job, my Mom was a great woman who can do alot of things. She cook many different dish and also make ice-cream and many different flavor of cake. 

Happy birthday Mom, I hope you really enjoy the birthday celebration. Now I know grandma nagging is worst than you. lolx =X

Sunday, April 19, 2009



It sunday... the hottest day of the week and I`m going to cook an egg on a flat rock in a primitive way.

The thought of going back to school tomorrow make me sick not because I dont like school but is because having to wake early is kind of tiring to me.

I know some of you would rather have weekend to last longer than just 24hours.

I decided once I make enough money and I will seclude to a 4season country and live happily ever after with my love one when we grow old. Gonna dump my children here in singapore to enjoy blazing sun. XD

It 3.33pm now and the thought of going out to shoot photo make me hesitant. If I`m a chocolate, I will just evaporate on spot within 5minutes.

NS is coming soon....oh no....please snow when I go BMT

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What can I say about my 2nd stage assessment for FYP

Finally get to update and this entry is going to be pretty long with the main content about my assessment and of course some la just complain la hor.

The school call it the FINAL YEAR PROJECT and the students call it FUCK YOUR PROJECT.
I was trying finish up reading the 2 books I borrowed from the library but of course I didnt. Everyone was sharing how their consultation with the lecturers. Constructive comments were given and some just went ~_~||

I was X_x!?! because the item I spend the most time in was being advice to change. Changing the visual would mean changing the whole poster. I was grinning right on spot and think I`m crazy. Expect the unexpected and I was very surprise that I make a few error only. Ok Kaizhi!!! 11 MAY is the last day!! Gogogogo


Went to kill zombies in the lan shop with a few of my classmates. I spend my remaining energy spamming my bullets into the zombies body. Bang bang ttatatatat~! And so after 2 hours of trying to save the world, everyone was send back to the reality. Oh dear, no zombies here.... =/

I wouldnt say this thing is impossible because the disease look similar to rabbies but of course it far from reality. Imagine terriost scientist create this kind of virus and had it mixed with mineral water!! ROARR!!! Zombie Mineral water!!! While stock last!!

Recently I bypass a person blog, I understand she like to go clubbing and was very impress by how she related the people around and the kind of people that she hate. I hate people who like to talk bad about other to make themselves better.

I hate bastard who doesnt encourage reconile this kind of stuff.
I hate people who dislike me but still want to ask help from me.
Call me Mr Miser if you want.

Come on~ low life! If a person who doesnt have anything to benefit from, it doesnt mean the end of the friendship. Oh well, what can I say? This kind of people is wasting other people time.

I dislike people who like to anyhow give attitude. This kind of people is born as some kind of noble who doesnt learn the basic manner. The moment that person, you will be pissed off because you are wondering why this person reach a mature age but the brain seen to fill with coconut milk.

Imagine asking a person politely and that person just say what in an irritating mono tone? My goodness! Did someone close to you die? o_0

For people who like to play around in relationship just because they think they got the energy and fun. What do you take the other party as?

Play somemore, never mind continue. Play until you happy, play until you regret.

This is the 2nd time in my life to see someone can actually dumping their partner without knowing how great the other party spend their effort and love in.

Ask yourself this question, what have your partner done for you?

Buy alot of expensive gift or a simple hand make gift?

You choose because it your life not mine.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project model : Jojo lai II & Crystal

Behind the scene. I`m the one wearing orange polo T-shirt. Was asking Peter can use his shade anot. =P

Some of my works. ( Printscreen )=)

t Model : Crystal

Model : Jojo

Client: Vogueindulge
Studio Owner : Peter

My apology for not updating due to my 2nd stage assessment this coming thursday and also preparing materials for this studio shooting.

Special thank to Peter to help set up the studio lighting and teaching me some basic of the lighting. I just forgotten almost everything about studio shooting. It was nice knowing Crystal and also working with Jojo again.

Crystal is working currently as a freelancer in model industry and is a very humorous girl sharing her joke. I like the part when she tell us that Fann wong remember her as a very quiet girl sitting in one corner during chinese new year when actually she was a very noisy girl. =S

Jojo is now a finalist in FHM. To support her, visit link

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Around The Milky Way

Somewhere far in this universe, lie two planets that orbit round the Milky way. At this far end of the Milky way, Stars are gathered by unknown power source from the Milky way. Aurora spreading out from the concentrated light source creating a source of minerals for nearby planets. 

Though very near the light source, both planets was sustainable for living even for Mankind. Rich with metal and gases needed for manufacturing machines.

It`s just a matter of time before Mankind found their second and third home. 

Done in 3hours PSCS3 only.

Size: A4 300dpi

What u seen here is just a printscreen. =P


Look pretty messy but that the way I want viewers to see it. I can do a short video on it. You will be the pilot exploring this area of universe. =)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A blog you should visit

Found from

I think this is the first time I am promote a blog. I do not know the owner of the blog but occasionally I will visit his blog as his blog provide many interesting news. The two videos put in the blog is extracted from his blog. x)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

1 more week to 2nd stage

Inter stellar system
Beyond the black hole

Time to reveal one of my personal project for the coming grad show. This project is name as 'Beyond our reach beyond our imagination'

The objective of the project is have viewer to visualize how beautiful outer space could be and how complex the star system are. The universal is vast and there no ending of exploration to another edge of the universe. Take a flight into the far end of the universe. Eternally till the end.

I happen to lost the working file for the 1st one. Will need to redo again. T_T||

Today was supposed to have Model shooting with Miss laydee and her friend. However was pretty surprise to realize that the model isnt in singapore and she thought I am living in Philippines. However will get a chance to work together when she is coming to singapore. XD

The exhibition seen to have finalized and most likely we will be using the lcd screen to show our work. Animation and any motion graphic cannot be played because I heard it only play in jpeg format. Thus will be scrapping away another project which had been plan last year. I`m also having problem with inserting sound as well as lacking one important software which is After effect. 

If you ask me what I am focusing on, I am focusing more on my grad show rather than my FYP.