Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shooting through my heart

Was practicing my starfield photoshop and this came into my mind. 
zi shi yao ni guo de xin fu

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last day of Grad show

Sha friend, Sha, me. Sha was a very supportive friend and you definitely trust her when it come to personal. =)
sha, me, sha friend. Know her but duno her name. =X
Cckue the Tv producer, one of the photographer in the west shooter that I`m closed with. Alway shared his photography and his working experience. Totally awesome when listening to his oversea trip. 
Was being treated pizza!! So sweet! We had a very long conversation that last about 2hours discussing about our future plan in career and business prospect. Bon voyage my friend! 
Adi birthday! Adi was my ex-classmate for few semester. It was a surprise for her! Bleahx*
Hendy & me. Hendy is working in high speed camera business. A big brother to me who teach me and guide me about perspective of life. Knowing him was indeed of my fortunate event. =)
Jessica , me. Wasnt really close to her but a very sweet and helpful gal. The funniest thing is the part when she just go hahaha randomly. Good luck for your job!    x)
Me and Zai ge! He very zai one, very steady one. Nice and soft guy, good pick for gal but unfortunately booked by Constance. Oopx... 
Jin yee & me. The gal who change me and make me think. I consider myself a step into success and she is the key who give me success. A very valuable person to me. She is going to study Degree. Jia u!! =)  Thx for everything, let work hard together for our own success and happiness. I will miss u. =)

  The Grad show finally ended and there wont be anymore school. There will be people I will miss and people I can finally dont see. Oopx, just kidding. Graduated from this school happily. 

  I had been waiting for so long for this day for her. I cannot say anything further because we know what we need to do first. It will take plenty of years and things will change in between. If I am lucky, I will still go for her even after years. There are just something too irresistible  for me to drop. However if only I am that lucky first. 

  Own Constance Mango sago because Hendy is celebrating my Grad show when the show end. My parent didnt attend the show so are some teachers, 1 Mentor and 2 director who are busy even in weekend!! @_@|....My grad show exhibition objective is how much I have done and how can I progress further in creative line. Beside critique and advertising myself, it is very important to gain their trust toward me. 

  Hendy bought a new evo and drive me to Turf city for dinner. It was a meaningful celebration, while celebrating he give me his view about my work and me. Treating me as his brother, he share his experience and the importance of career first. We went back home after the dinner since it rain, was supposed to go to labrador park to source for the next ECP shooting location. =(

  I am a happy man because of the people I had known. There are many who couldnt make it but thank you very much for supporting me. 

  So end the Nafa Grad show 2009!! 

Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd Day of Grad show and the happiest thing I had done!!

How is the exhibition like. Digital frame instead of Panel as the school is supporting Digital
My screen*
Finally a chance to take with the flower
Marcusk and Edward. We had spend more than a year together ohotoshooting many other things. Their guidance is invaluable to me during that period of time. XD
Guo wei, Mrs Ong, Nakia and Shi xin. ( Not in pic Camilia ) The teckwhyean!! Thank you Mrs Ong once again, it was great to see u again!
A short conversation with Sky and Jack. Sky was giving critque about my photography and advice about the market.
Skyimage, Me and Jack from. The first zone in clubsnap I join was west shooterz. It was so fun to have them around!!! XD
Secondary school friend! Ping siong the graphic consultant & his gf, Yuan man, Chen boon, Javin and Jasper. Thx for the support. =D

So what the happiest thing have I done? Went to get a bonquet of flower and giving it to someone I like is indeed the happiest thing I had ever done. Went to florist and question about what kind of flower is good within the budget. =P

Had a good chat with the florist before going back home and get ready to go to school. Pray here and there just to ensure the letter I wrote and the flower will definitely reach her hand personally.

So while I approach her with the flower in my hand, my heart was like accelerating. Both my hand tremble along with the beat and my mind seen to be going white. Yet I manage to say out what I want and also giving her the best simile I try to. I walk off straight away to cool myself down.

I`m happy because I confessed and able to do what I want to do. To me, failure or success of her accepting me no longer mean anything because I had done it with my heart. There is a sense of achievement. Wishing her happiness is one of my wishes. For all those I love and care, I alway pray for their happiness. Wo shi zheng xin de!!

I feel so so happy!! Can you feel how I FEEL!!! =D

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grad show exbihition

Me and Faird!! He is one of my schoolmate who really brighten my life. I enjoy my last semester knowing him and being a good friend with him. Good luck bro
Rusell, me and Nk Tan. They are the lecturers. wink*
John and me. One of the lecturers I respect the most =)
Me and Chantel. Spray spray!~ Very talkative gal. Lolx, alway entertain the class.
Me and Constance, Good friend and more or less buddy~! Spend alot of time together in classroom doing FYP!!! Honey sago soon dude~! =)
Miss Ong bought flower for Guo wei grad show which was so cool. Me , Nakia and guo wei. =)
I got one too from Miss Ong. I LOVE YOU MISS ONG!! You are so sweet and the kindest teacher I ever had!!! Hurray!! Miss Ong was my secondary school form teacher and she is a very trusted teacher. From time to time, I will alway contact with her and ask for guidance. One of my Mentor in my life XD
So lovely~~!!!!!
Nuffnang staff on visit! Raine , Clara sister, Hana the joker, Eugene bro and Cherie the english teacher.

They came on the opening ceremony. It was so fun to see them again. XD

Location of school:
Time: Thursday and Friday 10am-7pm
Sat 10am- 5pm

Visit Nafa and view my work if interested!!

Sorry for late entry for this, I happen to be busy working my catalog few days again. It was so fun!!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Couple Shoot I & II

Couple I ( Violet & Andy )
Under the tree
Heart of Sand
Back to Back
Time Stopper
Kiss of the Sun

Couple II ( Jian Long & Winnie )
When the sun shine upon us
Pointed heart to heart

Sorry for late update because I need to rush my portfolio as well as the last personal project for the grad show. 

  Last sat, went out for photoshoot with the 2 couple. The location itself was very small and it was a challenge because there are many people in the park that affect the photos. Had to deal with the glaring sunlight and limited space. 

  The pictures compile into a storyboard and there is a message. What you see is several work of it. 

  I have 1  more couple shot but I still need 7 more couple who is willing to work with me. Please e-mail me if you are interested. =)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I`m taking a break for this week!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My self promote in flash

Self Promotion in Flash by ~ruinlord on deviantART

Music credit: Jam Project
Song tittle: SRW OST ' Instead of Good bye '

I didnt do preloader because I still haven learn how to do it. You can click on the icon to view my works in it. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Short break over

Before I start, I would like to express my thank to a couple who spend hours sharing me their personal unbelievable love story. What make them very special to me is the situation problem the guy face and it just seen I am also like the guy.

Was chatting with SF about DC and it wasnt long before DC was being added in and that how I get to know DC on that night. Amazing story and of course unbelievable fairy tale in the modern day just make me very excited to know more about them.

Both of them give alot of advices and tips about how to change a girl impression and what you shouldnt do. I`m a green horn in this area, frankly speaking. The conversation ended after near 3 hours of chatting. Superb fantastic!

I wish I could have half the calibre of DC. I just couldnt believe how a simple love letter can change the their world when in the beginning their world was a distance away. Looking back at mine, I wonder the distance of my world and her* world.

DC take 2 days to write while I`m still thinking hard how to combine the apology and confession together within 100words summary. Dear me....

I had create a simple illustration just for the both of them. Hope they will like it!

Didnt update for several days!
My FYP assessment was over on Wednesday and after that I switch into Holiday Mode. With plenty of dota and also get a chance to dominate the world with my classmate for the whole day!!!

I spend my friday night celebrating my buddy birthday JL and having tea with Wei cong. Then Manjhong at Junjie house overnight and the following day went swimming with Peng yu and chee hau before joining Huat they all. Went to Desmond house straight after the swim and buy KFC at the new shopping mall beside Yee Tee MRT and ton again playing Manjhong.

Just reach back home! Time to prepare my portfolio the moment I return to my grandma house.

Was discussing about my birthday BBQ. My mind just went blank when I saw my saving left $36. Goodness!! I haven even book the pit yet!!! What am I going to do?? Inviting all my close friends and family* and taking photo together with them was one of my wish before I go in NS.

Was grinning away when I just realize everyone is chipping in for the bbq. Is like everyone is paying for my birthday BBQ party. =D

Very grateful* XD

I better go book the BBQ for slot

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I love Alien

I love Alien!!

Street Dance

The Dance is on

Got a chance to work along with a group of Hip Hop dancer through Valerie reference. It was really cool to do street shot. Street shot was very simple but rather in fact could be also boring too. So I went to check in internet for plenty of reference which hopefully can let me get the best visual for them. I was figuring out a good location for street dance when I happen to glance through my friend photograph for inspiration.

So during last sat morning 8am, everyone gather at raffles place Mrt station before going to the spot. I`m wasnt really good in speaking but it was really a nice experience with talking to them and learning more about hip hop. How hip hop actually make you young in heart!!

Didnt get a chance to chat with Valerie for several days because I want to tell her on msn that I love to work with her friends again!!!

I couldnt give out the client address because I lost the website. Will update soon. So in the meanwhile, enjoy the photo.

They are opening a workshop soon. Yup yup =D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Updated 0.01a

-Add linked
- Searching for music player to embed 

3 night of celebration!

Did you celebrate mother day? I hope so!

Last week was celebrating mother day on thursday and sat night. One thing that really impress me is that all mother had to go through 8-9 months of carrying the baby in the womb. It aint easy and it was a painful experience when giving birth.

My father side Family
My Mother side Family

So during friday, went to Boon 21th birthday party! It`s become a very important event when we turn 21. 
Boon 21th birthday !
Want some?
I wish I wish....

Last week was so fun, family and friend gathering continuously for the 3nights. 3 nights of cake, foods and drink!! =D