Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another photo at ECP

Across the horizon
Kiss of the vibrant night
( The human figure is taken from here )

Look real? =D
Flyer, Casino etc etc
Light that light up the night

Just return from morning photoshoot. Couldnt get to sleep after finishing playing dota around 5am. Force myself to sleep by shutting my eye and getting rid of any thought but it didnt work. ' Hey, it will be good to watch sunrise again since I didnt went there ever since my FYP. ' This is what that come into my mind. A morning shower and off I go.

10 min of traveling and quickly finding a good spot to shoot sunrise. Well, the morning sun was pretty late to rise and while waiting. I just asked myself several questions and in the end, I just hack care and enjoy listening to the sea wave and the scenery.

The sky was cloudy and the sun rise with the clouds covering it. So I went straight for my prata near siglap center.

Everyday the sun rise no matter what happen, whether it can be a storm or any other. At the end of everything, the sun will be visible again. No matter what happen, there is alway hope. =)

Watched The curse of benjamin button and Yes Man yesterday taken from Mei yan Hard disk. It was inspiring and touching. Still can remember Boss Ming told me to watch Yes man.

Yes Ming!! Yes Boss!! =D

Monday, June 29, 2009

Our life..

Where will you be standing in your own world?

I spend more than 12 hours sleeping yesterday and weird dreams combining together showing different scenario. Show me about how other culture people live and tragic fate that fall on people. It was vivid and wild, I couldnt recall the detail but remember vaguely. Different people different life....it is so complex to describe everything with just words. At the end of the dream, the focus was about living, love, family, friendship, kindness and loyalty. I think so.... =D

Life is a maze and so is your very own world . As you can see from the picture that I created. You am in a middle of no where, even you can walk out of this maze. There will be another maze linked to that exit and it will continue so on and so forth.
As we stop to look where we are looking, we spend quite an considerable amount of time to decide our future.

Dead end appear and that sadden us. Some people stop right there and refuse to move forward. Some take a longer time and some overcome it easily. At the end of the day, you still have to get yourself together and continue to progress in this dark dark world. Nobody will be spoon feeding you or will be standing beside you all the time. You are you and you are on your own.

Life suck and that doesnt give you excuse to blame everything on god. In some where along the maze, there will be someone you will meet and that someone shall hold your hand and continue walking with you in this dark dark world. You will find strength from that person and thing will definitely be better.

We cannot be sure of our future and even thing goes bad. Be positive to yourself, tomorrow will be a better day and that the day you will cherish everything you had.

Personally, I think the picture just express what I feel now. But I ain`t giving up!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I mess up myself

I have no idea what I`m trying to do. I try to help but it didnt help at all. Oh dear... Great job to me.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Singing for this job!!

I happen to get this job through referal. It been a few weeks because there is a middle man who will represent the client about the job brief.

The job nature is about web design but this time round, programming is also needed. Flash banner and other small animation maybe needed.

Well, just these few requirement already tell me that if I can GET THIS JOB. I can buy a nikon 17-55mm which cost 2k plus and also clear my debt for my Nikon D80. Cool right?

And so, I just started singing to myself. OH God! I need this job!!! I really need this job!! Oh I really really do. Just like the song from tale of the lost land.

^^||......need progammer which I think. I`m ok with html but not java , CSS, PHP and XML!! -_-
I`m just a visual artist after all!!


Actually I still dunno how much is the pay. Ayiaaa....Daydream too much liao!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

When you need an answer

We grow and new things come along with it. Things grow more complicated and sometime it seen to be beyond our control. We will face doubt and question ourselves.

Not everything that we question will be given an answer and at the end of our life. We just realize there are many question left unanswered. Negative thoughts pour in our mind at time and there is nothing we can do about it.

I have questions and I want to know the answers desperately. I need to know god plan because I`m tired of finding out myself. I`m not asking for god to spoon feed me but just a favor.
Tired of thinking, I guess the picture just tell everything. Life wasnt meant to be smooth riding anyway. We will just get excitement from the bumps and slope of our life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2012 is the end of the world?

I happen to by pass this video and it look interesting. Abit confusing but already halfway believe it to be true. Couldnt really dare to think what will happen on 21 december 2012.

I did read about Maya due to it popularity prophecies that became true. The Maya calendar did stop at 2012 but I presume they were being wiped out before they continue their writing by the spanish.

However the stories about Ching , Merlin and Moher shipton. I didnt really know about them. Still their similar prophecies about the end of world seen to make me shiver.

4 different culture yet same prophecies and each of them successfully predict the future.

If half of the world population is being wiped out, there will be much more dead with epidemic, starvation, drought, flood and much more.

Production will stop and soon or later people will be fighting over food and water. Hugging each other during the night praying to see the sunrise again. Chaos spreading across the whole world and different tribe of people standing up to lead mankind for survivor. No electricity and which mean many machine and vehicle will be useless.

A shift in polar magnetic field can cause the biggest tsunami ever before and I would really think Singapore will be the second Altantis despite protection from neighboring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Ships or Airplane wont escape the from the wind and sea wave.

It will be back to the ancient civilization. How many of us will survive? Even we did, the memory of losing our love one, family and friend etc will be carved deep in our heart.

Now is 2009 and seen like we have 3 more years to witness this so call end of the world prophecies.

Even it is true, live to our best and have a meaningful life to prove our existence and our love that is being delivered. As long there is tomorrow, there is alway hope.

Let just hope, it is a pure entertain for everyone. I dont want to die anyway. Well, in the first place, who is willing to die also? =D

Nuffnang SRF / The Arena

Elise tying up

The Arena
Nuffies for the night

Nuffies in their PJ
Nuffies of the night ( Not in photo: Elieen )
Oh yea, I`m an ex nuffie* x)

Several photos of the event. Get the official one here!

At the end of the event, I found out that I took 600plus photos and the end result I give was 359 photos. Special thank to CS Ahber who lend me his 17-55mm 2.8. Really appreciate his help.

Of course, not forgetting to Nuffnang Ming once again for this job opportunity. It was fun and I get to have the duck tour and Clubbing for the first time. Not I suay gu okay! Heex

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Any idea what that?

Took this during evening while walking from Mrt to my grandma house. Definitely it not rainbow although it look colorful.

Someone just tell me what that colorful stuff. It is very interesting and I had seen quite sometime. =D

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Alien Times: Sail of Love

Love was never a smooth sail,
wrecked with danger and excitement,

Fast as hurricane,
left everyone breathless,

Calm and quiet,
one just wonder,
what lie ahead,

Different sensation,
Different feeling,
Despair or joy,

Hold on tight,
the hand of your soul partner,
to the end of the world,

with undying love,
belief and faith,

Under the glowing mast,
that brighten your life.

I try abit of poem which I know it just sound weird than romantic to me. This inspiration was given by 4 girls who shared abit of their current situation.

I`m idealistic and I wont want to say my view because I still got a green horn on my forehead.
And that why I come with this illustration. If you get the message and like it. Help me spread it away. =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Musketeers photoshooting at Changi Area

An outing with Ahber and Hendy!!
I think this location is a good for pre wedding shoot
Specially edited, the original photo was very dull
Perfect for me

I know this photo the coloring is very fake. I add for the sake of my favorite. =)
Guess what is this!

Look good?

Changi Beach

Last sunday, the clubsnap ECP went out for a shooting at Changi Area. Our group consist only several members but it was fun and easily to organize due to the number.

Well known for eat more than shoot more, we also talk more than shoot more. A few outing, we just talk and didnt bother about shooting. This group is more toward relaxing and interactive. I`m the youngest core members in this group but definitely learn alot from other core members from their inspiring stories and their jokes. Oh no, I will really miss hanging out with them.

I give up on one issue after a short conversation with Hendy. If a girl is interested in you, no matter how busy she is. She will still spare abit of time. I`m not the kind that like to give up easily but I just adapt to the situation. Being told to get more value of myself is the most important part.

Ahber share some interesting stories while we walk along the beach during the evening. I couldnt describe it but it help me alot.

The photoshoot last more than 4 hours with more exploration and hitch than shooting. Hahaha.
Get to eat kok kok mee near Geylang. It was damn good seriously!! I didnt bring out my compact camera to shoot.

The owner was very friendly!! He share abit of his stories and why he took the pain to cook the soup for more than 6 hours rather than just put msg. He believe all customers should have a healthy eating livestyle and he want his food to be healthy and good. He look abit like Obama. =D

Ahhh!! Soo good!! And home again!

Hendy!! Hope you will like the songs I specially selected! Dont get emo by the song. XD

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hp & Meldric & Forest & Fyn Studio Shoot

Please click on the Name to visit their Blog

Model Bloggers
Bloggers of the days
A photo with studio staff

Hp and I was chatting few months ago about photoshooting. So last month, he decided to try out how is the photoshoot like. I went to find a cheap studio from my Clubsnap friend and so everything was confirm with afew more interested bloggers about the photoshoot.

And so finally, we meet up at woodland interchange and go to the studio. So what next, let the photos tell you the story. =)