Thursday, July 30, 2009

Changelog 30072009

After 2 week of self break, I decided to resume my blogging and also uploading works I had done. At this time, I am getting my own domain for business purpose.

Yiruma music was selected due to Jame recommendation. I got got quite a collection from him and it was really very smooth and relaxing.

What happening currently?
My application to be a PA wasnt successful and it gonna be tough moment before I go in NS which speaking of it. The enlistment letter haven come and I am kind of struggling in my self research. I decided to stop my boxing training since I`m running low on cash after overspend on my hard earn money. Was pretty shock that I count my invoice wrongly few nights ago. Stuffs and research notes for the business plan was really like from the scratch because I am doing contract form for employee instead of the system and infrastructure. My goodness!!! I`m not in flavor with partnership but at the end of the everything, there must be someone who can look at my back.

Revealing my dream....
I had a dream and this is the dream I wont give up.

I will be an international professional photographer as well as visual artist. I believe my photography will create a story of it and sending message to the world that there are something we should not forget.

I will dream of starting out in states and spending years taking photos and design there. 5 years, 8 years and even 12 years it will cost me to build my reputation. I will be paid to visualize and capturing the light sparkled by the object regardless of where and when. A life time of collection work I will create that will inspire the next generation of photographers.

This dream shall come will definitely be...

Marriage Proposal during NDP

The girl have no idea what is going on after being lead to the front of everyone. All Photographers on the spot are standing by.
Mr J talk through his mic and announcing his marriage proposal to the girl. The whole spectators claps in joy to hear the new. It was wonderful and definitely a very special moment indeed! All photographer crowded around, I have no pass to go inside shoot. T_T||
After presenting the bouquet of flower, Mr J kneel down and present the ring to show his sincerely!
The girl was filled with surprise and in joy she happily accept the proposal the love Mr J had promise to her. Spectators once again claps and cheer for the couple!! The sensation of romance filled the whole atmosphere.
Mr J and his future wife.
The love scene ended with the marching Contingent marching their way to the parade square.
Marching to the parade in high morale

Tanks awaiting for signal to drive in.

2 weeks ago, I was being called up by a friend to help Mr J to take photo. It was a very last minute plan but I`m lucky that my photography gear are alway ready 24hour for any last minute assignment.

I was being told what the arrangement will be like and I was given a space in the front to prepare myself. So when moment of the proposal start, I was startled to see so many photographers crowded around them and blocking my view. Of course, I just did my part which goes the same to the NDP media photographers too. We are taking a special moment of a couple who will be getting marry soon. We wont want to miss out taking photos and sharing their love story to the world.

I didnt really get a very good shot but taking a formal photo for them was something that I am proud of. My best wishes to Mr J and his gf.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dont take yourself too seriously

I visited Jing website to have a look at his work. It was very inspiring and of course to understand his perspective.

' Dont take yourself too seriously '

Now I get a better vision.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Ideal NS unit!!!

Cool right this poster!!! AWESOME!!! Hope will go this kind of unit. =D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NN singapore july birthday gathering

I prepare chicken wing!
Play Da dee!
My cards very nice hor =)

Ying zi dog caught red handed poo poo!!

All looking at the cake except Hp keep on looking at either Weijie or Jiaqi. =X

Hp open eye to make a wish! Style sia!! =X

Cream fight!!~

The dog also want some cream. x)

Link to download the photo: Expired on 27th July

What you see here is print screen and slightly edited version.

Happy birthday to Hp, Weijie, Meld and Jiaqi once again !!~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lazy to blog...

You all guys ever get to think of stop blogging for awhile?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The past cannot change.
the future can..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Almost strike 2nd prize in 4D

Well, I bought a number of 4218 for yesterday. I went to check the result today since I`m busy with my stuff.

The moment I see the result. It was like a needle poke my heart!! If you check the result for 11th july 2009. The 2nd prize number is 4118!!!


I found the number by chance in the drain. It is very unusual and in chinese there a saying of water money* a belief that luck is coming or something like that.

Ahhhhhhh!!!! Heart pain!!! stupid!!! why not 4218!!! WTF WTF!!! There goes my 3k!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shi xin birthday

The cake very nice!!!

And that the only part I like best for the party.....LOLX!!

Too tired to type stuff down.... XD