Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Froze heart

A name was being carved,
on the thickest sheet of ice,
this name shall forever be preserved.
Deep down into my icy heart

Monday, September 28, 2009

We are together

20 / 09 / 2009 was the day when we become complicated

27 / 09 / 2009 was the day, we start a new story

It wasnt a good start, the process was also tough. Yet she open a path for me and providing solution for all my problems.

I have to admit, I really got a very good and supporting gf.

Gonna write a full story when I`m free. =)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

TAT: The Feeling Of Being Love

The Alien times: The feeling of being love

It`s all started out on 19 sept night. I want to say out everything how I feel yet I couldnt write well to express myself throughly so I spend abit of time to draw. It`s very simple yet the expression will be enough to send the message. =)

First time I feel so contented through part of my life.

May this picture remind me how blessed I am. How sweet life suddenly become and the commitment in it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The week of illumination

I do not know where to start from. It is just too happening to me. Before I know what am I doing, the world of mine was being light up by someone who accept my presence in her world.

So unexpected and so impossible that it seen like god do pity a guy like me. A miracle that I kiss the ground and bow to the sky that how grateful I am to receive. Though this gift is with me now. It just a humble beginning, there`s going to be rough journey ahead. However I`m going to hold on this gift and take it around with me up and down of my life.

I felt a surge of joy in me yet doubts and questions conceal underneath. Mix feelings churn up and blow up high into my mind like fireworks festival. So confuse yet so sober. So uncomfortable at times yet so pleasant that give me the feel of living in hell and heaven.

Spring is coming to me for the first time. I will cherish it as much as I can....

It sound so cool and romantic yet deep in my heart. I know there are many things to do in order let this gift not to leave my side.

The past cannot be undone, the present itself is a chance and future is a gift. I will make use of this chance to fight for my own happiness and embrace the future with confidence.

I know I may not be up to it. However winner never quit, I`ll keep trying till the skies shine out bright.

I wish this little faith of staying by her side will be fulfilled. What I am thinking now is. How to ensure we are going to have a bright future.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some video for reference

I like japanese show. Really I do, when it come to cartoon, character design, commercial, culture. I really wanted to go Japan. I do hope tml shootng will be good.

Is like 5month I never touch final cut pro. How am I going to do it

Friday, September 18, 2009

TAT: Space Golf

Finally I done a better piece of work. Had this design in my mind for quite a period of time. There is no meaning behind this illustration. Just for the pure sake of fun. =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Went to Aston to attend fellow blogger Stephen birthday which happen few weeks ago. It was good and I like the party there. So while waiting, I took a few shot which maybe interesting for food lovers.

Look pretty good~!

And best wishes Stephen!! =D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Manjhong session at Meldric house~!

Nice place...
Windy also...
Get to lose some money also..

Si bei nice la~!

Sunday went to Meld house with Weijie. It was kinda of rush but then the craving was there. So we meet up around 1.30pm at jurong east mrt and chiong liao.

Bought $1.50 chicken rice which was damn cheap and nice sia....mai siao siao!! Now alot of chicken rice stall sell so exp but taste like sh*t. Oh yes.....Meat not so much but $1.50 price is damn good already.

Meld house was kinda blue, dark blue and the whole house give a feel of living in the deep sea. With only available light source brightening up the area. I like it since I love blue so much yet I prefer light blue for my future house. Yes!

We started playing when Meld friend arrived. The first round was pretty slow because we are talking more than playing but it was damn funny. I win alot because I got Mai tai zi mo!!! However 2nd round I lost the most and in the end I lose abit which was like less than $1. Quite alright for me but wanted to play 20 40 which is more challenging.....Shoick arh!!!!

In between the round we took dinner together and gossip about scandal. Involve Hpility, Yz , Joyce stellar , Alton blah blah... =X

Time pass very fast~ before we know, it already 10pm. Awwww~!!!

Will be waiting for the next manjhong session. Huat arh!

Jiaqi go there play facebook and watch drama.....rofl =X

Gonna blog about playing mj in Meldric house~!!

Well, today I wanted to blog about last sunday a manjhong session at Meldric house. However today was so busy that I just forgotten about it~!

I will blog it later~!

Hopefully if I never get hangover...

Waaaa....shag sia

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

747 VS Porsche Event

It`s all begin when I got this invitation from Nuffnang staffs a week ago. As you can see, it is the first ever 747 vs GT3 in Asia which mean I`M DEFINITELY GOING!!! =DD

So and finally I got a ticket~!!!
During the actual day, I hitch a ride with Eugene with Kenny, Raine and Hui wen too!! Plenty of visitors are bringing their cameras and videocam.
Invited blogger are given a tag! I like the design. Colorful and stylist.

So we make our way to the designated location after finish giving the tag.
Get to walk through the departure hall. Wanted to buy free duty stuff. =X
Eugene, Hui wen, Raine & Kenny
A music performance was held when we reach the location. The music band done a very good job.

Some of the bloggers!!

These are the bus that will take us to the grand stand.

MC of the day.

Beside enjoying the drink~!
There alot of nice food around~!!!

Okay, they got a dance performance after the lunch. I wasnt really impressed with their dance. Oopx...
I got this prize from~~>
A contest which got 2 stage. First stage is to make a car acceleration sound while second stage is making a plane acceleration sound. =D

I sound weird but I guess everyone enjoy the sound* I produce. =X
Good sunny weather, abit if heat radiate from the sun. And within 30minutes, I felt like melting.

Event Model

Meet Joe . One of the photographer =D

Visit his website at : ( Link )

Porsche GT 3

The pilot is Peter leo. He became a captain when he reach 29, one of the youngest pilot to be a captain.
I want this big len!!! XD
Several plane passby the grandstand. As Singapore Airport is one of the busiest in the world. There is alot of planning of time allocation for the race.
The porsche driver is Yuey Tan.
Both exchange greeting and make their way to their respective station to get ready.

Everyone is getting excited about the race and the question is, who will win? The plane or the car?
Peter driving the plane over to the starting line.
3min countdown~!
Dancers doing their best during the countdown.

And goooooo!!!

Who the winner???
The plane take off around the finishing line. o_O

And the winner is Yuey Tan!

Got a chance to take a photo with Yuey Tan after winning the sound contest!
Not forgetting Mr Peter who is also one of the winner!

Before we leave, everyone got a goodies bag~! The event was totally fantastic!! I just couldnt believe a car win a plane. Since I roughly know the engine of a plane vs engine of porsche. The weight of both plane and car is a big contrast so which could be the answer for the output. I hope I could attend similar kind of event x)

I really enjoy this event. Trust me, next time you got a chance to go for this kind of event. Dont miss it!! Especially car lover as well as airplane lover!!

Went to Popoeye for dinner with Eugene they all before going back home.

Great blast of the day in Asia this year~!