Monday, October 26, 2009

Vietnam Trip

I`m taking a break from blogging for a week plus!!

By the time you are reading this post. I`m on the plane flying to Vietnam with Wei cong and weijie not to shop but also to learn the culture and history there especially the Vietnam war.

This week was abit busy beside helping out Nuffnang as a photographer but also helping my friend blogshop and a short event. Plenty of photos still waited to be edited and blog.

wee~! Nice meeting plenty of bloggers from MY, AUS, SG & PHP

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Double date

Dun try this!!

Went for a double with Yz , Josh & Jess on 20 oct.

Personally, it was a very simple dinner and we get to go window shopping after that. After 2 times of shopping with my dear. I realize it window shopping with girlfriend is very TIRING! =X

Ws being lazy for not blogging this whole week.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pringle Photo

Finally the NN contest deadline is over. So got to help out Ying zi, Don and Forest for their photos. All photos are print screen and I didnt crop properly if u notice it. Haaa

Pretty good?

Will u believe that my work is being held in an exhibition? =D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A night with yz,wj, Don, Forest




Pretty long walk we have;
Somerset, Raffles place, Esplande =O

Bloggers for this small gathering;
Ying zi, Don, Weijie, Forest
Don Again

Well, I brought my Dslr along for the outing to help out yz. So as we are walking around, I got idea popping in. And so I ask Forest to help out shooting the camera while me and yz try to position ourselves. I really like it. ^^

I wonder color or Black & white is better. Overall it is just kinda romantic to me. Haaa

Thx for viewing.


Have a nice day x)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fulfilling part of my wishes

It was alway part of my dream/wish to watch sunset with my love. Walking along the shore or sitting on a stone chair. Till the last ray of the sun faded into the deep blue sky, my hand will be holding her`s tight.

It was quite a day with my dear. We sit and chat till the stars cover the night. The cool breeze from the sea brush against us. 24 hours per day isnt just enough. The night that I want to freeze.

We have dinner together and a long walk side by side. This sensation just run deep in my heart.

My room was abit of set up with creative speaker 6.1 with a small table lamp to shoot up the ceiling that provide an ambient. Playing beauty and the beast the song to my love was also part of my wish. Playing this song is very important to me. The song symbolize of how love is possible no matter how I look like. It was a night for both of us.

My relationship now had reach a certain level which both of us trust each other totally. I am thankful that I had such a lovely galfriend who is willing stay by my side. It was a fairytale that embedded into reality.

We pray for our love to last long in front of Guan yin temple at ben coolen street. I really hope that our love is eternal. We will know only when we are old together. I`m not a perfect person but I will stand by her side to give her my support.

I cannot say I like her but to say I`m in love with her. I`m glad that she fulfill part of my wishlist. During this short break, I learn how importance of her existence affect my life.

Dear, have a safe journey home.

Love kaizhi


To Weijie, Meld, Forest, Hana: Thx you for your support =)

Friday, October 2, 2009

My dear will be in KL this weekend

I didnt really want to blog about other stuff except about my gf. I have to say it was really awesome and was really pleased to see that msg that 'it take 2 hand to clap' Way to go!!

Although kinda feel bad for making her to skip school for 3 days, both of us doesnt regret. Today she went to KL for Digi Event among with some Malaysian bloggers and a few Sg bloggers, hope she will return back as soon as possible on sunday.

Couldnt went with her because of my assignment. Ahhhh.....Honeymoon gone~!! Oh well, guess I have to wait for the next time.


Will posting other stuff pretty soon next week. Got a wedding to shoot tml. Hope everything goes well.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pic of us

Love Josh facial expression

I cant really write the details of what really happen throughout these days we spend together. Alot of problems rise as the days pass, this relationship was as good as lost. But she give me the confidence and solve all my doubt. I`m so glad to have such a understanding and smart girlfriend to cover up all my weakness. There alot of things I want to say yet I just have no idea where to start and how to describe it.

I am flying in the air. x) A very happy man indeed!

Live happily now, it doesnt mean love will run smoothly for both of us. Only hope I can do my best.

However hope god will bless us!! Support us~~!!! =X