Friday, February 12, 2010

New year 2010 Resolution

Hmmm.....Life in 2009 was seriously FML ( fuck my life ) Although it was much better after mid of the year. Experiencing alot of things and exposure in oversea. the way I`m scratching my head....haha

I expect to do better than before in year 2010. No assurance but something to keep to myself.

- I will be more careful especially working for anyone. Die die black and white!!! Lesson learn after a boss from agency is not paying me and is forcing me to go CASE* next week with 4 other victims.

- If dunno ask* I always keep quiet and then go home check myself. Sometime I just forget what I want to check.

- Spend more time with my family! I know going to National service is going eat away my time between family and friend.

I think overall that what I need to improve....yea!

I was watching Hi sweetheart by Raine Yang. There a sentence that make me wonder. 3yrs or 5 yrs or even 10 yrs I`m still looking for you* Do people at such society still exist? Maybe there are some out there like that. Well, I dunno....looking back at my past. My memory remind me of someone and how a relationship few months ago actually make me feel guilty. I remember clearly that even it take 10 years I`m willing to wait for it to exchange for a lifetime of happiness.

Sometime you just have no idea what have god plan for you tomorrow. It would be a disaster if you have no goal or dream in your life.

2019.....I will be antcipating for that year.

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