Thursday, February 11, 2010

One of the most touching drama before I go NS

This photo I printscreen. The reason is because when the girl refresh about the pass of their relationship and how it progress to it downfall is a fatal blow to her. I think my tears auto flow down like free flow sia...

Yesterday went to check out at due to it star rating. It turn out to be very interesting drama. In chinese, it`s name as xian yi zhan Xin Fu.

The storyline started out a rich family daughter enjoying everything she want till the day her father pass away in a car accident. From there, she struggle like a normal girl doing housechore and getting part time job to support herself.

And a self centered man who love to toy with girl feeling and taking them as part of the bet in the school. Unbeatable until he meet the girl who change his life.

The drama help to send many meaningful message about life. Especially the part that we should not give up ourselves nor the right to inference other people life totally.

Very touching and sad at time but an enjoyable time. Love the kid~~~!

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