Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vietnam Trip Day1

Wei jie, Wei cong and me for this Vietnam trip to find some wife!!! =X

It`s good to have a girlfriend to send you off. Well, apparently I`m back to single again.
So we waiting patiently at the waiting lobby! Feel so excited about it!!!

So the plane fly high up in the sky and I grab the chance to snap Singapore from the plane!! Ahhh!! So nice!! =D

So so snap, all of us get to have some rest and.....
Finally, we can get to see vietnam in close view!

This is the hotel we book. Cheap and reasonable..

Sometime I still think, how did they identity the cable is meant for which one. Kinda confusing to me

I think you wont be able to see this in Singapore already. Pretty old fashion* I wonder did I say it in the right term.
So Wei cong bring us to eat sushi!!

Anyone know what does this sign mean?

12am at changi airport and the Air Flight is 8am plus. ~_~||...thx to Wei cong idea. This is my first oversea trip with friend. Personally the memory are still fresh even thought it has been for 3 months already.

Well, I guess let the photo do the talking..this entry is for day1 only! =D

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