Friday, March 12, 2010

2 weeks confinement

After spending 2 week in Tekong to adapt to army life. I learnt the culture about army. The need to take pride in NS also grow as I attend lecture the need for NS.

It`s not easy to adapt to army life especially to those who tend to sleep very late and wake up at weee hour. Just imagine you have to wake up up around 5am everyday. Down your brain, you will be screaming away to sleep more.

There plenty of funny things and even me myself also doing funny things. Of course, the most important part is about discipline. Quite a number of lessons are learnt by the way, I dun like it but I think that the most effective way.

My bulk mates are nice people. My bed buddy dun really talk to me because I alway irritate him! <3 He help me alot, the only thing I can do is to train myself up x)

Life in Tekong are tiring but fun and definitely when it come to OCPT. When OC lead the PT, my ball just shrink but after finishing the PT. I just feel the achievement and I tell myself that I will train hard to be fit like him/ X>

That all about life in Tekong. 17 weeks more to go!

Have you being disappointment to see something you do not want? You will feel like punching anything that nearby in that spite second?

I think this is life. Life is unpredictable, learn to accept and continue to progress. Best wishes~! <3

I will need to do 200 sit up , push up and crunches......

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