Saturday, March 13, 2010

當愛已成往事 (林憶蓮+李宗盛)

I got this song from Hui wen last year at Nuffnang office. The album consist quite a number of oldies songs. So I happen to listen to this song 當愛已成往事 by(林憶蓮+李宗盛).

It wasnt appealing to me first few times, I guess I alway in the middle of game while listening to it. It finally bring my attention during my way home at MRT.

I check it out at youtube. The lyric was really amazing to me. The song was create during 1993. Pretty old but given the song rating at that year, I believe it is one of the legend.

In my view; the lyric and the video message is contain 2 part. 1st part is from the female side that " You have to understand life will be the same without me " while from the male side is " I need you to be part of my life " Though both message contradict each other. It`s hint that the male is emotional and isnt willingly to give up and move on.

I agree the points from the song.
- life still must go on no matter what
- Let not speak of the past
- love is really addictive and hard to let go
- People dream of being together with the one they love but in reality, it`s hopeless
- it`s not easy have both parties to have good solution when it come to break up
- If today we go on our way, tomorrow let work for our own future.

Both of them are attached and married at 1998 but not long later they divorce at 2004.

You can out the both of their profile: Sandy lam & Jonathan lee

Personally this song broaden my thinking about life.

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